Marilyn Monroe Plastic Surgery – Before and After Photos

By | Dec 31, 2014
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When you talk about plastic surgeries and procedures that Hollywood actresses and actors undergo one name you usually do not associate with these procedures is Marilyn Monroe. In case you do not know who Marilyn Monroe was note that she was one of the best and most beautiful actresses Hollywood had ever seen. Marilyn Monroe was not only born with excellent looks and but she was also quite talented as an actress.


You should also know that Marilyn Monroe actually started out as a model and later went on to do a total of 29 films. Her 30th film did not get completed. Once she came into the limelight not only was her name changed but many other things like her hairstyle, make-up, body, face etc. were changed in order to make her look even more beautiful than she actually was.

So the question that some people seem to ask is whether Marilyn Monroe did actually undergo any kind of cosmetic procedure to enhance her looks and if yes what and how many procedures did she actually undergo.


Marilyn Monroe Plastic Surgery Procedures

Dr Norman Leaf who is actually a plastic surgeon went to say that he was in touch with Marilyn Monroe’s plastic surgeon and that he himself had seen her charts. He also went on to say that she had undergone 2 cosmetic procedures.

Out of the 2 procedures the first one was actually a chin implant. The reason behind the chin implant was that it would make her jawline quite unique and at the same time also improve her facial structure. He also said that she had also undergone a rhinoplasty, which in other terms is known as the nose job.


The rhinoplasty was done in order to alter the soft cartilage of her nose. Another thing you should know is that the surgeon who actually performed the procedures on Marilyn Monroe was Michael Gurdin and also that he had actually listed the 1st entry on her chart as 14th July 1958.

Now I know it is hard to believe that someone as beautiful as Marilyn Monroe thought that she actually needed to improve her looks further but if you compare the older images of her to the ones taken a few years later you will realise that there are actually loads of things that are different.

You have to agree the fact that what procedures Marilyn Monroe decided to undergo required quite a lot of guts because back then in the 1950s plastic surgery techniques were not as advanced and improved as they are today and there was a good amount of chance that it could have gone very wrong for her.


A good thing back then that worked in Marilyn Monroe’s favour was that she did not have to deal with many rumours and questions as actresses and actors come across nowadays.

Yes there are loads of people you will come across that don’t seem to believe that Marilyn Monroe had undergone any procedure but the truth remains that she actually had and images and reports serve as a good enough proof of it.

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