Marlo Thomas’ Before and After Plastic Surgery Photos

By | Feb 14, 2015
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If you watch a lot of TV shows you might have heard of the name Marlo Thomas but in case you do not know who she is note that Marlo Thomas is a well-known TV star. She was born on 21st November in the year 1937. Marlo Thomas is the daughter of a comedian and was raised in Beverly Hills.

She enjoyed a lot of success with her first major role and is got her a total of 4 Emmy nominations and also a Golden Globe Award. She was given a role in the hit TV show That Girl which lasted from 1966 to 1971.


People nowadays know her better as the spokeswoman for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. As the national outreach director she dedicates both time and money to make sure it functions properly.

Apart from acting she has also been a producer, social activist, and more recently was seen in a Broadway production known as Relatively Speaking. Rumours that Marlo Thomas underwent plastic surgery procedures before her first major role in the TV show That Girl are still present on internet.

So the question is whether the rumours of Marlo Thomas’s plastic surgery procedures true or just pure speculation.

Marlo Thomas Plastic Surgery Procedures

Although it’s been quite a few years now but websites and blogs on the internet still have rumours related to Marlo Thomas’s plastic surgery procedures and also contain before and after images of her to prove that the rumours are true.


The cosmetic surgery procedures that Marlo Thomas is speculated to have undergone includes a face lift, brow lift, Botox injections, facial fillers and also a rhinoplasty. In all these years Marlo Thomas’s face has hardly changes.

There appear to be no sign of ageing at all. There are no wrinkles, the skin around the neck area is still quite tight and her skin still look smooth and vibrant suggesting that she has indeed received Botox injections and also a face lift. Even facial fillers help a person look younger.


Even the position of her eye brows looks to have changed slightly suggesting that she has also undergone a brow lift. Although the above mentioned procedures have been done fairly well it her Nose Job which appears to have gone slightly wrong and makes her face appear unnatural. Her nose looks to be unnaturally pinched and that’s been the problem.

Note that in case of Marlo Thomas no one in all these years has come forward and accepted or denied these rumours and thus there is no way to prove that all the rumours are absolutely true.


Yes a few procedures may not have been done well but you need to keep in mind that all changes in the body are not because of plastic surgery procedures.

There are natural causes like ageing involved too. Now how true the rumours related to Marlo Thomas’s plastic surgery procedures are can only be found out when she decides to open up about them.

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