Matthew McConaughey Plastic Surgery Pictures Before And After

By | Jun 29, 2016
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Matthew McConaughey 

Born in Uvalde, Texas Matthew never wanted to join his father’s oil business rather wished to become a lawyer. But during his last semester of studying law he realized that he wanted to get into films and aspired to become an actor. So he began his acting career in 1991 appearing in films and several commercials. He has been a part of several great films like Mud in Mud, The Lincoln lawyer, Killer Joe and Magic Mike.

Matthew McConaughey Plastic Surgery Pictures Before And After

His most astonishing role came out in 2013 when he portrayed the role of a cowboy diagnosed with HIV which bought him the Golden Globe Award and the Academy award. This film not only got him awards but he was amongst great actors and was a part of several nominations.

He is always known for his good looks and astonishing personality and has always emerged as a star in the industry. He is usually known for portraying rom com like roles but has tried whatever has come to him and has always excelled and proved himself in every role offered to him.

Matthew and his plastic surgery

From small monosyllable commercials to films, Matthew has come a long way being an actor and has also evolved his looks. Like many other celebs Matthew is speculated to have undergone plastic surgery as far as his looks are considered. One can easily make out the difference in his facial structure and features merely because of all the changes he has had until date.

Matthew McConaughey Plastic Surgery Pictures

It is always said that several years ago Matthew had the problem of balding which urged the star to go under the knife. Since 1999 he was losing hair gradually and he knew it could lead him to a major downfall. So he just thought of going for a surgery under such tough conditions. So finally after the surgery he appeared with a better and charming looks. He has always claimed that the re growth of hair is because of a chemical product but the entertainment industry speculates that it is impossible to have such hair growth in such less time and it is rather some surgery that has helped him grow his hair faster.

Often people especially celebs on getting closer to ageing undergo many surgeries to refine their looks and features and similarly Matt has recently undergone a facelift which has helped him to redefine his looks. He certainly looks younger and better. It has tightened his facial skin and has helped him become more charming.

Matthew McConaughey Plastic Surgery Before And After

He has even had some Botox fillers which has helped him get rid of the lousy skin and wrinkles and lines on his face which could have easily detected the onset of ageing. After getting such procedures done every celeb gets to refine their features and the same has been with Matt. He has evolved in a way that has helped him to become much smarter and sexier and his recent pictures seriously determine that he has invested in something good.