Melissa Gorga Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

By | Mar 14, 2017
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Melissa Gorga

Melissa Ann Gorga was born on March 21, 1979 in New Jersey and is an eminent TV personality. Having a multidimensional personality, Ann is also a dancer, singer, author and her own business running.  Her breakthrough role came with TV series The real Housewives of New Jersey after which she continued her work in several talk shows and also as am leading musician.

Melissa Gorga before and after plastic surgery revelations

Melissa Gorga Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

The point of going under the knife to get a stunning new looks has suddenly changed the definition of having a plastic procedure done. Even a small line or wrinkle points out to getting a plastic procedure done which has actually affected the industry in a way that even natural beauties like Melissa Gorga are opting for it. Melissa, like other celebrities has never agreed to getting a plastic procedure done and has always pressurized upon the fact that whatever she has is all natural. Well, we are here with some suspected plastic surgeries that reveal that she has been under the knife to get the desired look.


A rhinoplasty is certain here due to the sudden change in shape of nose which Melissa kept saying was a game of contouring. It is speculated that Melissa has had about four plastic surgeries to get the nose game strong and that her nose is now slim and narrow than her early shape of nose. Her new nose seems to fit in her face well and she now her face has acquired a new look.

Melissa Gorga Plastic Surgery

Breast implant

  her breasts seem to have evolved perfectly. Melissa’s breasts have acquired a great shape in the recent years and they are now fuller and bigger in size. on comparing her before and after pictures it can be observed that there’s a certain change in her breasts and that can only be brought by getting a plastic procedure done. Well, she agreed to the fact that pregnancy and breast feeding has messed up her breast size.

Botox Injections

Melissa Gorga Plastic Surgery Before And After

Melissa’s skin is extremely vibrant and free of any wrinkles and lines. She at this age still seems to be youthful and young and that Botox Fillers are suspected here.  Well, there are no methods to be acquired that can transform your skin into such a young one at this age and that the magic of botox is quite visible here.

Cheek fillers

Melissa’s face seem to have acquired a new edge and she looks amazingly fine in the newly acquired look. Cheek fillers are also suspected on comparing her before and after pictures. She has an oval face and cheeks generally in such shaped faces are suppressed, but if you see Melissa’s face you can observe that cheeks are quite pumped up and seem to look different from her face and that is where she seems to have a cheek surgery done.

Even after getting such rounds of plastic surgery done Melissa is supposed to be a crackling beauty.