Melissa Rivers’ Before and After Plastic Surgery Photos

By | Feb 24, 2015
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If you watch TV shows then you would have come across the name Melissa Rivers but in case you don’t note that Melissa Rivers is a popular TV host and also a producer.

Melissa Rivers was born on 20th January in the year 1968 in Manhattan. She is the daughter of Joan Rivers who is a well-known comedian. Her birth name was Melissa Warburg Rosenberg which she later changed to Melissa Rivers.


Both the mother and daughter are stars of the TV show Joan and Melissa: Joan knows best? In the year 1998 Melissa Rivers got married to John Endicott who is a horse trainer but their marriage only lasted 5 years and they got divorced in the year 2003.

They have one son named Edgar Cooper Endicott. Melissa did her internship with CBS news once she graduated from college. She worked as a reporter for CBS This Morning and a contributor to Hangin’ with MTV.


She also appeared on TV shows such as Beverly Hills 90210, The Comeback, and also Silk Stalkings. Melissa Rivers is now into her 40’s thus rumours that she has undergone plastic surgery procedures are no shock at all.

So the question is whether Melissa Rivers has actually undergone plastic surgery procedures or is the rumours related to it false.

Melissa Rivers Plastic Surgery Procedures


The plastic surgery procedure Melissa Rivers is speculated to have undergone includes breast augmentation, a rhinoplasty and also Botox injections.

When you compare before and after images of Melissa Rivers you will notice that her breasts appear to have become bigger indicating that she has undergone breast augmentation.

Even the shape of her nose seems to have changed slightly suggesting that a rhinoplasty may have also been done. A rhinoplasty is also known as the Nose job by many people.


Melissa Rivers is now into her 40’s but still looks young as if she has never really aged.


Her face is wrinkle free and there is no sagging of the skin thus indicating that she has also received Botox injections.

If you are a fan of Melissa Rivers then you would know that she is not one of those celebrities who prefers to hide the plastic surgery procedures she has undergone. She has been quiet open about the plastic surgery procedures she has undergone.

In an interview she admitted that she has had her breasts enlarged. She also admitted to have changed the shape of her nose which she thought was botched and had to be fixed.

Apart from those procedures she also admits that she receives Botox injections quite regularly in order to look younger.


Melissa Rivers also openly talks about her mother’s plastic surgeries.

According to Melissa Rivers her mother gets too many plastic surgeries done and it is probably time for her to stop.

Now whether Melissa Rivers like her mother continues to undergo plastic surgery procedures or not is something only the future will tell.

So far it looks like she is done with plastic surgery procedures.

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