Michael Douglas Before and After Plastic Surgery Photos

By | Jun 11, 2015
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Michael Douglas was born in New Brunswick, New Jersey. His parents were actors Diana Douglas and Kirk Douglas who got divorced when Michael was 6. Michael stepped into films with Cast in a Giant Show (1966). Douglas deliberately took up roles that would free him baggage of becoming a shadow to his superstar father. He got the fame and identity he wanted through his role in the TV series Streets of San Francisco (1972).


He featured in comedies like Romancing the Stone (1984), The Jewel of the Nile (1985), The War of the Roses, etc. Incidentally the movies he took up in the 1990s such as Basic Instinct (1992), Fatal Attraction (1989) and Disclosure (1994) developed on the track of ‘man against woman’. Later his marriage to Catherine Zeta Jones, an actress who is 25 years younger to him added more to the notorious image he had created by then.

Douglas has 38 nominations and 45 wins to his name. He has won the Oscar for his role in the movie Wall Street (1987). His two films Fatal Attraction (1987) and Traffic (2000) were also nominated for the Best Picture at Oscar.


Douglas seems to be putting in extra efforts to appear younger these days, possibly to complement his young wife Catherine Zeta Jones. The only surgical intervention the actor is believed to have is a facelift. A face lift coupled with a Botox is very well known amongst celebs to battle out ageing.

Rhytidectomy, commonly known as a facelift is a restorative surgical procedure to improve visible signs of ageing in the face and neck. Douglas did admit once that he wouldn’t be opposed to going under the knife if it helped him look better.

The speculations that Michael Douglas had a facelift procedure have been fuelled by the pictures of the actor which were taken in 2005. These pictures show that the area around his ears had been scarred back then with his left ear bleeding.


Today, no signs of these scars can be traced on his face which speak of a facelift Michael definitely had at some point in the last decade. If he did have a facelift in 2005 it wouldn’t be possible for him to maintain his great looks even 10 years later without going for the same procedure again.

Face lift and Botox have given great results to the veteran actor that show clearly on his face. There are no wrinkles or frown lines on his forehead, crow’s feet under his eyes or any skin sagging on his face and neck. His facial skin is tight and shiny.


This has sometimes made him look unnatural too given the fact that the actor is in his 70s. Very recently, Douglas was again in news for getting another dose of Botox and other augmentations to reduce the appearance of signs of ageing on his face just two weeks before he was going to become a father again.

In Douglas’s case, it has been difficult for both fans and experts to decide whether the surgery should be seen as a positive or a negative move on the actor’s part.

Many appreciate the youthful appearance on Douglas’s face which has been maintained even though he is in his 70s.

Others argue that the facelift has in fact turned him from handsome to gruesome! His youthful appearance at once turn him fake and artificial if on keeps his age in mind.

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