Michael Jackson Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

By | Feb 10, 2016
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Michael jackson plastic surgery

Michael Jackson, a name still alive in the hearts of millions of fans, even after 7 years of his death. Born in Jackson Street in Gary, Indiana onAugust 29, 1958 Michael was the 8th child of Jackson family. He was named Michael Joseph Jackson by his parents Joe Jackson andKatherine Jackson. Michael was the God of pop music and was famous for his incredible dance, especially his moonwalk.

As a child Michael had a troubled childhood because of his father. In an interview he revealed that his father physically and emotionally abused him.

Michael jackson before and after plastic surgery

As a youngster Jackson was never satisfied with his looks and beauces of that he often used to have sleepless nights and inferiority complex. Micheal was at the top of name and fame, he was rich and powerful, So he decided to bring some big major changes in his life.

Jackson Was operated a number of times and his face was altered to what he always wanted to look like. Michael Jackson Became the face of plastic surgery done badly. He was criticized my many and mocked my millions of fans.From his skin tone to his features his surgeons dramatically changed everything.

Michael jackson plastic surgery transformation

Jacky was born as a black boy but plastic surgeries turned him into snowhite, many of his fans claimed that he used to look a lot better before his plastic surgery. His nose, lips , cheeks, almost everything was changed and no one could recognize the old Jackie any more.

Rather than looking handsome and stunning, Michael looked scary. Due to so many plastic surgeries he looked like a living mannequin. Apart from his eyes nothing was left that could prove the existence of old Michael Jackson.

Michael jackson plastic surgery went wrong

When we compare his before and after pictures, we could clearly identify the different types of surgeries he would have under gone. His new cheeks were a clear sign of cheek implant. His nose looked a lot slender than before that directs us towards a nose job. The sudden paleness of his skin is the result of change in skin pigments. Surgeons destroyed Michaels skin pigment so that he could look white than black. The changes surgeons brought to Michael were very harmful and were prove to be good for nothing.

michael jackson worst plastic surgery

On june25, 2009Michael left the world. The reason for his death was propofol and benzodiazepine intoxication. At the time of his death Michael was in his house on North Carolwood Drive in the Holmby Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles. Jackson left grief and sorrow in everybody’s heart. He was the face of pop music and soul of dancing.

No matter how horrified he looked people loved him for his talents and the amazing songs that are still played by millions as his souvenir.

For those who want more than just words here is a special video about Michael Jackson’s plastic surgery.



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