Michelle Phan Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

By | Jun 10, 2016
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Michelle Phan Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

She is a famous digital pioneer who is famous on YouTube for her fashion and beauty. She was a young girl who loved makeup but didn’t get a chance to wear it. Once she entered high school she started documenting her love for makeup and gained more than 7 million followers on YouTube over years.Not only this, she is an award-winning content creator, Streamy ICON award, People’s Choice Webby Award 2015 for best “How-to” and “DIY” channel.

Michelle co-founded “Ipsy”, the world’s largest online beauty community with 1,000,000 subscribers in the U.S. and Canada. In August 2013 she teamed with L’Oreal to launch her makeup line.She continued doing wonders but well, in the limelight, a woman’s got to stay young and look young. With the pictures over the internet as evidence, it is apparent that she had undergone plastic surgeries.

Nose Job

Michelle Phan Plastic Surgery Before And After

From the makeup videos that Michelle had been producing lately, it is apparent that she underwent a plastic surgery on her nose. It appeared thinner than how big it was before and made her look more plum. Her nose bridge looked smaller with cheekbones seeming to be lifted with fillers.

Also, her face looked flexible so it may have been a natural surgery with really successful methods used by the surgeon. However, the nose job maybe a reality disguised as a new makeup trick of hers.

Chin Job

A rather uncanny and uncommon surgery among celebrities, this may seem as an achievement for her. As believed by Michelle, this job was necessary to augment her looks in her videos.The chin job involved reducing her lower jaw giving it an oval shape. She also underwent a couple of Botox injections with chin fillers to test before permanently changing the shape of her jaw.

Michelle Phan Plastic Surgery

To compare a picture of hers in 2007 to present day scenario, it is evident enough to prove a plastic surgery done on the jaw in order to reshape it. Hence, her face looks oval shaped. However, her makeup looks better on that face shape now.

Eyelid Surgery

Since Michelle Phan is an Asian, it is certain she has smaller eyelids. Since she didn’t like them the way they were with her makeup, she opted for an eyelid surgery.

The eyelid surgery involved less saggy and drooling eyes in exchange of bigger and more beautiful eyes. This is often called the knifing process and suits her more due to her profession as a makeup tutor.Though she denies the double-eyelid surgery and claims that it’s her amazing beauty makeup tricks, she admitted getting Botox injections and fillers in the past.

Michelle Phan Plastic Surgery Pictures

The Rage and Regression

She disappointed many of her fans as she talked about natural beauty in her videos and embracing oneself the way they are. Many of her fans accused her of being a hypocrite when she claimed to be someone to promote self-acceptance and was she getting cosmetic surgeries done. However, the possible explanation is the aging beauty and the race to maintain her being a beauty icon.Also, what was more depressing for her fans was her not being able to admit her permanent plastic surgeries and not mainly the fact that she got them done.

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