Mickey Rourke before and after plastic surgery

By | Jan 10, 2016
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Philip Andre Rourke, Jr. famous by the name Mickey Rourke was the perfect combination of acting and skills.born on September 16, 1952,in Schenectady, New York. Rourke was famous for his mixed descent, His father was of Irish and German descent, and his mother had Scottish, French, English, and German ancestry. He was raised as a Roman Catholic by his parents and he still practices his faith.

As a teen Mickey, spent most of his time in sports.He had his training in at the Boys Club of Miami. There he was introduced to boxing. Later Mickey started his boxing career by winning the first match of his life by the name Phil Rourke.

In 1971, Rourke got a small acting role in the Serpent. Later he came in some very films like The Pope of Greenwich Village,Steven Spielberg,Body Heat etc.

He was one of the most heart throbbing actors of 80’s and a very competitive boxer. Mickey utilized every second of his life and reached the top of everything he was perusing. His fans loved the way he looked and admired him for his fine work in movies like Sin city, iron man 2, Angel Heart etc. People believed that Mickey had the perfect life but nobody knew he had something else in his mind. He wanted to look more refined and for this he chose to go under the surgeon’s knife.


Unlike those celebrities who lie about their looks and deny to accept that they had plastic surgery, Mickey was very bold and accepted how much her regrets his decision. Mickey’s plastic surgery is addressed as one of the worst plastic surgeries of H-Town. His fans were unable to recognize him after is disastrous Surgery. They were shocked and couldn’t believe how much their handsome Mickey changed.


“What a fine men he was”, were the lines of his fans. Mickey had many plastic surgeries in order to change the shape of his nose, he even had removed the ligament from his ears. In an interview Mickey confessed about his face surgeries and how his efforts to facelift his skin destroyed everything he had.


When we compared his before and after pictures there was more to reveal, his lower lip looked plumper than before even his cheeks looked fat and shiny. There very less wrinkles and signs of ageing on his face.

No matter how bad Mickey looks now but his fans still love him for the great nature and skills he holds. His pursuit to look perfect may not have been achieved but his love for his fans is the only things which stills makes their hearts throb for him.



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