Miley Cyrus Weight Loss Diet Plan

By | Mar 10, 2016
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Miley Ray Cyrus, the cute little pop star from the hit Disney show, Hannah Montana is not just cute any more. She has completely revamped her image. She’s gone from sassy to sexy in no time. Her recent change has been appreciated by many and envied by many more.The 24 year old singer/songwriter/actor looks absolutely stunning with her sculpt abs and toned legs on a perfectly proportionate body. Being the party animal that she is, she has been balancing it with a healthy lifestyle.

miley cyrus diet planShe has been seen sporting a healthy lifestyle all over the social media and even at various award shows. She distributed avocados at the VMAs this year. She loves avocados and she even has one tattooed on her arm to prove it.Her lean figure has left people wondering, how did she do that?! Well, here’s the answer and a complete guide to how Miley Cyrus achieved and maintains her petite figure.

miley cyrus diet plan

Miley Cyrus is against animal cruelty and is a dedicated vegetarian. She publicly declared that her weight loss secret is a gluten free diet. As the name suggests, the diet restricts the consumption of foods and drinks that contain gluten. This diet plan can be tricky because not everything that is gluten free is also low in calories. You need to pay close attention to everything that you eat. Her nutritionist keeps both gluten and dairy out of her diet to keep those abs looking like they do! Miley sticks to the organic fruits and vegetables that are low on gluten and high in fibre.She has completely stepped away from junk food, sugar, trans fats and unhealthy carbohydrates such as bread, cakes and pasta.

The foods which are permissible to eat when on this gluten free diet are fresh eggs,meat, fish, poultry,fruits and vegetables,beans, seeds, nuts and various grains.Things to avoid during this diet would include wheat and its products like spelt, graham flour, semolina; Triticale (a cross between wheat and rye),rye,barley and also the products made from barley like malt, malt vinegar, etc.

miley cyrus Workout routine

Here is an example of Miley Cyrus Weight Loss daily diet plan:

  • Breakfast:Egg( however you like it) with herbs..( avoid oats)
  • Snack:1 Piece of fruit combined with some kind of unprocessed nuts (almonds, cashews, Brazil nuts and so on)
  • Lunch:Bean salad with only organic dressing
  • Snack:Vegetable, like a roasted tomato with organic spread or a vegetable salad.
  • Dinner:This is the time of the day where you can will go for meat or fish in combination with grains such as rice,quiona etc.

Her sudden change in appearance has raised some eyebrows. Everyone is calling her anorexic. But, Mari Winsor, her pilates instructor, does not believe so. She calls Cyrus a healthy,focussed, hard working, fitness freak, who loves her abs.Cyrus trains with Pilates guru Mari Winsor five to six days a week to keep her body im shape, improve her posture,sculpt great abs. One of her favourite moves is the double leg stretch, and criss-cross.

miley cyrus exercise routine

In addition to pilates, she also likes to run. Her toned body is the result of her strict diet combined with a detailed workout routine to maximize the results. She also includes cycling in her routine and is often seen doing beach yoga. Also her rigorous dance rehearsals that she does every day play a part in the maintenance of her fit figure.

However, post workout, she does take smoothies. With the right mix of ingredients, a healthy smoothie( not the one full of sugar!) can provide you with a good recovery by filling the body with all the missing nutrients like proteins and electrolytes. Home-made smoothies are a great treat for post workout.

Gluten and lactose free diet along with an active day, is the secret behind her lean figure. She also tweeted regarding this. She wants people to try this diet for a week at least and observe the amazing changes in the mental, physical health and the skin. However, the Miley Cyrus weight loss – diet plan is not suitable for everyone, because it requires a lot of motivation and will power. A complete withdrawal of gluten will be harmful for your overall health. so it’s essential not to over do the diet. A gluten free diet can be an effective system for losing those excess pounds, but keeping them off requires a lifelong commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

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