Min Hyo Rin Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

By | May 21, 2016
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Min Hyo Rin Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

Min Hyo Rin originally known as Jung Eun-ran is a South Korean actress and singer who was born on February 5th, 1986.However, she started her career as a model by working for the brand ‘Flapper’, a Western clothing brand in 2006.¬†Followed by a few music videos, Min adopted her stage name Min Hyo Rin and gave a debut as an actress in the T.V series Triple (2009). Putting in all her hard work and with god’s grace, she managed to climb up the ladder of success and successfully shot many films including Age of Milk (2011), The Grand Heist (2012) , Twenty (2015) and much more .She was also adored by the public for all her roles in different T.V Drama series as well as web series.

The actress, in spite of having a beautiful face, decided on having her assets altered and reshaped so as to have an even better face!Yes, Min sure has undergone some surgeries to get those eyes done, and that oh-so-perfect nose! She denies on getting a Rhinoplasty done but yeah ,the gods must be crazy to have given her such perfection in the name of a nose!


Min Hyo Rin Plastic Surgery Before And After

Just as most Korean and Asian actors do, Min Hyo-rin also got her eyelids uplifted , to reveal those two beautiful eyes.By means of an eyelid surgery, the bagginess from around the lower eyelid is removed and also, just what has been done in the case of Min Hyo-rin , the skin from around the upper eyelid is removed such that the eyes naturally open up more.

Initially, she was known to have had smaller and not so focused eyes, which is evident from her past photographs .Min has confessed to having got her eyes done, by getting a double eyelid.The actress was prettier with the pretty small eyes but now looks even better with the focus being shifted to the two black pearls.


The ever perfect looks and that pretty pointed nose. Is the envy of most girls in South Korea and Min Hyo-rin is blessed to have it, but really ,Is it a gift of god or the work of a surgeon?The Korean actress denies of having a Rhinoplasty done , which is a type of plastic surgery by means of which the nose is enhanced and reshaped.

Min Hyo Rin Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

But just when we notice the perfection in the name of a nose, the perfect curves around the edges and of course the most desirable length, Min’s nose is godly.Can this be something which she got from her parents? We doubt it.

Min Hyo-rin , presently in her 30’s, is one of the most beautiful women in Korea today. her talent is definitely backed up well with her good looks which are enough to get her going!Whether it was the improvements by a surgeon or natural nature of her assets, Min is just perfect .With her career on its peak, Min is definitely on the run.