Natalie Portman diet Plan And Workout Routine

By | Apr 9, 2016
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Natalie Portman diet for weight loss

Natalie portma was born in Jerusalem to an Israeli father and American mother was a jewish from her origin but was brought up in the eastern United States as she migrated in her early age from AUSTRIA and undertook professional classes for dramatics and dance from New York, and was introduced with the Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace when she was just in   high school on Long Island. She is an alumna of Harvard University , she got her degree in   psychology and alongside   worked as an actress and infact got her another break mean while in the second edition of   Star Wars film .

Natalie Portman diet Plan And Workout Routine

Being a mother , she is in an unexpectedly fit body that explains the fact that she adheres to a well chalked diet and a strict fitness regime .

The apt VEGAN diet that she follows :Natalie has been a vegetarian when she became a teenager and   after reading Jonathan Safran Foer’s book Eating Animals, which contributed in turning “a twenty-year vegetarian to a vegan activist.” , as quoted by her .But in a bid to prove that she is a responsible and caring mother she gave up her vegan pledge and started eating eggs because her body needed protein and she listened to her body , more than anything and started binging on eggs , dairy stuff .

Natalie Portman diet Plan

She clarified the reason that why she was on a vegetarian diet not only because she personally loved   animals, but also wanted to be a bit extra careful about knowing exactly what’s in her food and whenever she is out she forgoes the usual salt-, fat-, and calorie-laden traps and processed food and prefers home food for its health factor . Interestingly she even cooks and was seen admitting the same in an interview with VOGUE , last year .

Apart from a perfect diet she follows a strict workout schedule but only when she is committed to a particular role that requires a fit bod or when she is training like a ballerina. Otherwise, her fitness schedule is very relaxing and comparatively easy to follow . She follows yoga and regularly hits the gym ( whether pregnant or not).She is very lively and prefers enjoying life and always listens to her heart,mind and soul .

Natalie Portman Exercise routine

Natalie Portman diet And Workout Routine

Thats the only reason she often skips out on her workout schedule and spends quality time with her small family , Sometimes she goes on hiking with her baby “ALEPH” and on long runs with hubby ” Benjamin ” and that’s how she takes care that others in her family too stays fit.

Natalie Portman And Workout Routine

This star war fame actress preaches the goodness of life and according to her the best way to live it is follow what your mind says and find pleasure in small things and she was heard   saying “I like pleasure, I like joy. I’d never get to the point where I would starve or injure myself . I’m the opposite — when I’m hungry, I eat, and I always make sure I’m eating something delicious,” .All her statements make one thing for sure that no matter how good you are at dieting and gyming , a good coordination of mind , body and soul is achieved only if healthy food and workout is matched with a daily dose of happiness and family time . Take a look at