Nicole Evangeline Lilly Before and After Plastic surgery Photos

By | Jun 10, 2015
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Nicole Evangeline Lilly was born on 3 August 1978 in Fort Saskatchewan. Her career in the showbiz started after she was discovered by Ford Modeling agency. Although she had no intentions of starting a career as a model or an actress, Lilly signed an agreement in order to support her studies.

Later, she also worked as an extra on film sets to pay for her tuition fees. She took up minor roles in projects like True Calling (2003), Dead Like Me (2003), Smallville (2001), White Chicks (2004), etc.


She is best known for her portrayal of the role of Kate Austen in the hit TV series Lost (2004-2010) for which she was also voted one of the breakout stars of 2004 by Entertainment Weekly Magazine. In the recent years Lilly has been known for her role in The Hobbit (2013, 2014) series.

Lilly has won many titles owing to her good looks almost every passing year since 2005 when she was ranked #75 in FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women in the World.


She later went on to become the spoken model of L’Oreal Paris. Still Evangeline is one actress who will never adopt an unhealthy, unnatural way of maintaining her good looks for a longer time.

Taking a stand against plastic surgeries she once said: “I think women in Hollywood who also don’t do Botox and plastic surgery who are revered.

I revere them . . . my plan is never to go there. I’m too vain to get to get a plastic surgery because I don’t like how it looks and I want to look natural.”

Evangeline has always been particular about voicing her opinion against she what she feels is wrong. When a Women’s Health Magazine used her picture for their cover page along with the caption “Best.Butt.Ever”, Lilly refused to take it as a complement.


Instead she decided to give a piece of her mind to the magazine that tried to ruin the classy image Lilly always tried to maintain.

Evangeline’s view on feminism is also interesting. Though she always been a strong headed woman, she doesn’t like being a feminist.

She in fact associates feminism ‘women trying to pretend to be men’. She is not at all interested in embracing manhood but chooses to celebrate her womanhood.


The actress has been modest in admitting about the mediocre career graph she has had. The reason behind it is definitely worth knowing as it only adds to her profile as a person. She believes in staying true to oneself and has always stayed true to her work.

She refuses to be typecast-ed by playing the same kind of roles. In fact she is sad that after playing Kate Austen for six continuous six seasons she is thought to be Kate even in real life by many people.

Lilly has time and again refused to mould herself according to the needs of her profession even if it lead to a conflict with what has always been considered the norm in Hollywood.

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