Pamela Anderson Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

By | Jan 12, 2016
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Pamela Denise Anderson was born on July 1, 1967, she is an american-canadian actress apart from that she is also a model, producer, author, activist and a former showgirl, known for her roles on the television series like Home, Baywatch, V.I.P etc. Her hot looks gave her a place on the cover of the world’s famous magazine PLayBoy. After getting married to Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee. Pamela changed her name to Pamela lee but soon after their divorce she stuck back to her old surname.

It is said that Pamela Anderson and Plastic surgeries go hand in hand; they both are now a part of each other. Pamela’s killer looks are nothing but a gift given to her by the surgeons.


She became famous for her role in Baywatch and after that she couldn’t stop herself from walking the stairs of glory. As per the rumors, Pamela has undergone a number of plastic surgeries in order to look young and vibrant. She was born beautiful and even in her 40’s she looked just the way she used to when she was 20 and this weird thing put everyone into a great confusion and from there Rumours began to spread about her going under the knife.


It is believed that Pamela went under many plastic surgeries but the biggest one was of her getting a boob job. When we compared here before and after pictures we were clearly able to see that Pamela was not satisfies with her real ones. She had a breast augmentation for making her boobs look more heavy and buff.  Her breasts became so big that people started titling them as monster breasts and because of there extremely big size they appeared unnatural and fake to everyone.


Pamela was seen disturbed after her surgeries as she was seen claiming about how she is going to get her breasts reduced back to the normal size. When plastic surgery became a trend it was hard for a young beauty like Pamela to keep her self off the line.


Apart from a boob job Pamela had nose job and lip job too. Her nose looks a lot feminine that before, what used to look like a big mass now looks like a slender sharp nose. Her lips look a lot plumb and full, especially her lower lip that makes her look a lot sexy and beautiful.

It is said that she have here Botox injections every year as per to prevent her wrinkles and signs of ageing and maybe that’s why she looks so young even after being in her late 40’s. Whenever we look at her it feels like she never aged after 30. Pamela still looks very sizzling and hot to her fans.

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