Park Ming Young Before and after Plastic Surgery Photos

By | Feb 26, 2016
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Born on March 4, 1986, Young is a popular South Korean model and actress. Her first break into movies was after her commercial for SK Telecom in the sitcom “Unstoppable High Kick.” Her best known role has been recorded in the television drama ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’, City Hunter, Healer and many others. Her first movie, ‘The Cat’, a horror movie gained a lot of prominence. Whether it is about playing a double role like the one in Dr. Jin or be it that of a nurse in Jane, Young does it all and has proved herself at every stage of life.

park min young plastic surgery

She has graduated from the Dongguk University with a degree in Film and Theatre. Also a part of music videos like ‘Love Story’ and ‘Haru Haru’ she is an all-rounder and has fetched many awards and nominations for her amazing work in the industry.


Young is an exception in the industry where she has accepted her going under the knife unlike other South Korean celebrities. She has admitted to the fact that she has had several plastic surgeries that to since she was in junior high school.

park min young plastic surgery before and after

Her revelation about getting a nose job done and having a double eyelid surgery is true to the best fact known, but many suspect that to survive in this Korean Entertainment Industry she has had more than two surgeries. It is believed that she has had a facelift and a jawline reduction, which is clearly demarcated by her before and after pictures.

Young, few years back has confessed that she has had her nose job and double eyelid surgery done due to aesthetic reasons that is; she went under the knife during her junior high school so that she could look prettier. The surgery has reshaped her eyes and her nose. Now, her nose looks slimmer and much more pointed. The eyelid surgery has given her eyes a fresher look and is wide open.

park min young plastic surgery pictures

Also the facelift and jawline surgery which is being suspected has made a considerable change in her features. The jaw line has been reduced and also the chin has become narrower which makes her more beautiful. Her face lift has resulted in reducing her cheek size and the entire surgery has changed her entire appearance which suits her.Good for her, she has bought about a considerable change that suits her style and personality.

park min young


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