Paul Stanley Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

By | May 8, 2017
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Paul Stanley

Stanley Bert Eisen was born on 20 January, 1952 in Manhattan, New York, USA. He is a renowned singer, lyricist and also an artist. A lead of the rock band Kiss, he started his music career with a local band Rainbow, in spite of having hearing aid problems. Kiss, the band with all the members released their first album in 1974 where Stanley was The Starchild where in her had to regularly change hi9s make up and attire. Along with the show business, Stanley is also an ambassador of AboutFace, an organization for people with facial irregularities. 

Paul Stanley plastic surgery before and after

Paul Stanley Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

Paul Stanley the famous singer has been trapped in the sugar coating of plastic surgery just like David Coverdale like singers. There’s no surprise to this but the counting is just going on and on and there seems to be no celebrity who is not interested in getting a plastic surgery done and who is happy to bear his/her original skin. The youthful skin can easily be acquired by certain changes in your face and body by getting a plastic surgery done but will the energy and vigor and young man has can be brought back? The terms of life have changed and slowly there is going to be a revolution marking such changes and more of such adaptive features like that of plastic surgery. So here’s a peek into the speculated plastic procedures Paul Stanley is suspected to have.

Nose surgery

the overdone nose job has bought about an unnatural change to Stanley’s face. There is a round bulbous impression on the tip of his nose which is due to over- narrowing of the nose.

Paul Stanley Plastic Surgery Before And After


As always said a facelift is the most common plastic procedure every celeb resorts to. Well, getting a facelift completely transforms your face leaving behind a new stretched, smooth face without any lines and wrinkles. All of the sagging skin just vanishes away and leaves behind a new you. His ageless appearance is surely tempting to his eyes but on a serious note everyone, even his fans are aware of the fact that people of his age can look ageless only by getting a plastic surgery like a facelift done. He is also very few of the celebrities who have tried almost every plastic procedure possible.

Eyelid Surgery

on comparing his before and after pictures one can easily make out the difference in his eyes. His eyes are wide enough to mark a change and also his eyebrows seem to be lifted up which marks another change relevant to him getting a surgery done.

Lip surgery

Usually, a lip surgery is adapted by women but also a few male celebs like Stanley. Here, the lip job seems to have distorted his looks a bit with the uneven shape of his upper and lower lips. The surgery is not supposed to be done quite well and all his lips have acquired an unusual shape giving an indifferent look to his face.