Pete Burns Before and After Plastic Surgery Photos

By | Aug 5, 2015
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Whenever the worlds worst Plastic surgeries are listed, Mr. Burns case comes on number one. Just like his name, the surgeons burned his beautiful face too. Those over sized lips and swelled up cheeks, which almost make his eyes appear closed, are the highlights of his disastrous plastic surgery.


This very famous Hollywood singer, songwriter and television personality took a step way ahead then others, in the race to look different and unique. Unfortunately his efforts went into disguise and he even disclosed the complication he had to go through because of his surgery, in an interview.


He was quoted as saying; “My face might fall off” in the UK’s Daily Mail in a November 2010 article. If one were to look at a series of plastic surgery gone wrong before and after pictures of Burns one would completely understand the line “I like to change my face on a regular basis” from Pete’s 2010 solo release “Never Marry An Icon”.

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