Priscilla Presley Before And After Surgery Pictures

By | Jan 2, 2016
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Priscilla Presley also known as Priscilla Ann Presley was born on May 24, 1945. She is an american actress as well as a strong business magnet. Priscilla husband elvis never favoured her interest in acting, modelling and dancing. According to him, a woman’s place is inside her house, where she can look after her husband. Due to her husband’s conservative nature, Priscilla gave up many acting contracts, she couldn’t bare her husbands narrow vision, so the filled for a divorced. It was October 9,1973 when they got separated.

When ever we talk about celebrity plastic surgery gone wrong, the name which first hit our head is Priscilla Presley, she was a natural beauty and every one loved the way she looked but Priscilla wanted more from life which made her ending up under a bogus surgeon’s knife. Who knew that her pursuit of happiness would end up on an ugly face. Her beauty which was so perfect was now disgusting.



Her fans were hurt because their beautiful star was fooled, she lost her charming beauty. The beauty, which helped her in coming out as an actors and also marrying an amazing man like Elvis Presley.

That foolish surgeon named Daniel Serrano, who was imprisoned for his stupid act, used illegal and very harmful tolls as well as chemicals on Priscilla’s face. Priscilla’s choice to go under his knife is seen as the biggest mistake of her life. What she thought would give her eternal beauty, came out to be ugliness for life. Nobody understands why she went under the knife, she had everything one wishes for then why she decided to alter her face still remains a big question for all.

Whenever we compare her before and after pictures we can clearly see the disastrous result caused by facelift, eyelid surgeries and neck intervention.

Priscilla’s action to freeze ageing not only took away her mesmerising beauty but also degraded her self-confidence. In many interviews she has been seen regretting her choice of going under the knife. Her close friends tweeted and posted comforting notes for her but non of them could reverse the curse of her surgeon. According to the recent rumours, Priscilla may go under the knife ones again to repair the damage caused by her previous surgeon. She is very confident that the next surgery would bring a brighter future for her.


We cannot claim that Priscilla is a stupid lady as she is a very successful business tycoon and as we know humans are born to make mistakes, Priscilla too did one but this was a lot bigger than what people usually make.

In the end we should love her, she is a beautiful person from heart. A stupid surgeon’s mistake should not doom her from fans and their love. But all plastic surgeries are not that bad give a look to Iggy azalea’s surgery.


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