Priyanka Chopra Before and After Plastic Surgery Photos

By | Jun 20, 2015
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Priyanka Chopra was born on 18 July 1982. After becoming Miss World in 2000 and career in modeling, Priyanka went on to make a splendid career in films without the help or guidance of a godfather, all by herself. She has been known for the challenging roles that she took up in films like Love Story 2050 (2008), Drona (2008), Kaminey (2009), Don (1 & 2), etc.


She has won a huge fan following as well as critical acclaim for delivering heroine oriented blockbuster hits like Barfi (2012), Mary Kom (2014), 7 Khoon Maaf (2011) and Fashion (2008). Priyanka is one of the very few actresses who can pull up a film on her shoulders alone, without the presence of any big male actor.

In fact in the movie What’s Your Rashee? (2009) Priyanka played the role of 12 girls in the same film. After ruling Bollywood for years, Priyanka also went on to establish her career as a singer in Hollywood.


Priyanka was blessed with pretty good features. Priyanka had also worked as a model before her debut in Bollywood. However after becoming a top actress, she felt the need to alter her looks through plastic surgeries.

A comparison of her before and after surgery pictures show a drastic change in her looks that hint at cosmetic surgeries. The possible surgeries that she had include a rhinoplasty, cheek implants, breast implants and a lip job.

There is a remarkable change in Priyanka’s nose. Earlier she had a large nose with an explicitly bulbous tip. Today her nose is comparatively shorter and sharper. It has been refined with a narrow bridge and a better defined tip.


There is also an obvious difference in her smile. The corners of her lips are curled inwards to enhance her smile, which was clearly not the case earlier. Her lower lips are bigger than before giving her lips the perfect cupid bow shaped.

She might have gone for a cheek implant as well. Now her cheeks are more prominent and uplifted than before. The cheek implants coupled with the nose and lip job have greatly increased her facial harmony.


Priyanka is also suspected of having a boob job in order to get fuller, bigger breasts. But only a slight difference is visible in her breast size which might have been a natural one that came with age.

Priyanka is definitely getting attractive day by day and the surgeries have a lot to do with it. She always maintained that she is not against plastic surgeries. And if a surgery can help increase one’s confidence, it would not be wrong to go for it. However she never admitted having one herself.



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