Rachel McAdams Before and After Plastic Surgery Photos

By | Jun 12, 2015
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Rachel McAdams was born on 17 November 1978 in London. Rachel started acting at the age of 13, performing in Shakespeare’s plays at theatre camps. Her debut was in an episode of Disney’s The Famous Jett Jackson (1998).


It was her role in the hit comedy Mean Girls in 2004 that brought her into limelight. She then worked in The Notebook (2004) that made her a favorite among the audience as well as critics. She got many opportunities to showcase her talent in films like Wedding Crashers (2005), Red Eye (2005), The Family Stone (2005), Married Life (2007), The Lucky Ones (2008), State of Play (2009), Sherlock Holmes (2009), Midnight in Paris (2011), etc.

Rachel has been ranked on various lists time and again for her beautiful looks. Her fair complexion with a few moles on her face and neck has become her trademark. Since 2009 there have been strong rumors about Rachel having a rhinoplasty, Botox and other fillers.


A comparison of her before and after surgery pictures would reveal that Rachel’s facial skin, especially forehead is tight and shiny. This is a very usual outcome of Botox. Some pictures also show the impact of cheek fillers on her face. Cheek fillers are non surgical injectables that are used for revolumisation of the face to counter the loss of facial volume that comes with age. It instantly lifts the cheek restoring the lost volume.

The most prominent and controversial surgery that she had is the rhinoplasty. The crooked nose that she has is often seen as the impact of a failed nose job in the past.

Many experts suggest that Rachel should have another surgery to rectify the flaws left by the previous one.


The nose job is still debatable. While many claim that she did have a disastrous nose job, there are others who argue that her nose is perfectly natural without any signs of cosmetic enhancement.

Dr. Nassif explains that her unusually narrow bridge is a result of the collapse of her right middle vault, making her nose twisted. He also notes an inverted V deformity in the middle part of her nose. Her nose appears over- reduced with a collapsing, pinching look.


However, some people still like to believe that Rachel’s nose is entirely natural and the odd nose is a part of her Scottish heritage. Dr. Sherrell J Aston believes that Rachel has never had any surgery. And if she did have one, it has only made her look prettier and has given her a lot of diversity.

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