Rachel Zoe Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

By | Apr 3, 2017
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Rachel Zoe

Born on September 1, 1971, in New York, Rachel Zoe Rosenzweig is an author, businessperson and a celebrity fashion designer. She has been a part of the celebrity fashion house and has been running the fashion for over two decades. Her breakthrough came as an editor and she very fleetly took over the fashion industry. She even had her own reality series namely ‘The Rachel Zoe Project’ which was a complete hit and had many seasons too, she even has her own clothing line and that she is a complete fashion diva and is ruling the fashion industry at her own terms.


Rachel Zoe Plastic Surgery

There’s hardly any celebrity left in the industry who has not had a plastic surgery done. These days it seems hard to recognize and guess the true age of stars and that is merely the magic of the plastic surgeries these celebrities undergo. Well, the natural beauty is something we hardly get to see and that these celebrities age with such flawless skin. Rachel is no exception to this plastic procedure thing and that it has become so famous and obvious that to continue their run in the industry they surely will get some or the other plastic procedure done for a desired professional life. Let’s have a look at the speculated plastic procedures of this added celebrity and her before and after surgery pictures.


Botox Injections

Getting Botox fillers basically reduces the line and wrinkles over the forehead region and makes it all toned and smooth. Rachel is suspected to have Botox fillers and that one can easily observe by comparing her before and after pictures that she has a completely soft and smooth skin and that such an evenly toned skin at such an age is quite not possible.

Under- eye surgery

Rachel is also suspected to have under eye bag treatment. She earlier used to have sagging skin under her eyes and that saggy skin has completely vanished and there’s a completely new and tight fold of skin around her eyes, which actually adds up to her age.


Brow lift

If you clearly observe and compare her you’ll notice that there is certainly a very different change around her eyes. She has evenly toned, smooth and tight skin and that at such an age usually women bear loose skin folds and saggy skin. She has had a brow lift done and that it can be easily observed seeing the tight skin she has got around her eyes.


A facelift is also suspected here. Usually, a  facelift along with Botox fillers proves to be of great importance as it completely even all your face and makes it all tight and smooth. Rachel is much older than what her face says and it is mere because of the plastic procedures she has had.

Well, the suspected plastic procedures don’t seem to be merely rumored as a comparison between her before and after pictures reveal the different traits.