Rebecca Louise Ferguson Before and After Plastic Surgery Photos

By | Jun 11, 2015
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Rebecca Louisa Ferguson was born on 19 October 1983 and grew up in Stockholm. Her ancestry is Swedish. She started her career with the soap operas Nya Tider and Ocean Ave.

Recently her role in The White Queen (2012) was highly appreciated. Rebecca was nominated at the Golden Globe Awards for the Best Actress (Miniseries or Television Films) for the same.

Following this, she was cast in the female lead role in the next installment of the Mission Impossible series. Other films and television series in which he has featured are Plus (2008), Irresistible (2009), The Vatican (2013), Hercules (2014), Despite the Falling Snow (2014), The Red Tent (2014), etc.
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Although Rebecca has never been suspected of going under the knife to improve her looks, she still has managed to stay in news for some other wrong reason just as much as others have been for their changing looks. Rebecca has time and again been accused of trying to look fairer than she actually is by resorting to skin lightening either through makeup or lights.

Blessed with extremely good features, she has always been appreciated for the dusky complexion that she has. However a few years back she attracted much negative publicity as she got involved in a race controversy. The actress appeared with a fairly light complexion instead of her naturally dark skin for several promotional campaigns and public events.


This didn’t go down well either with her fans or the critics who interpreted her efforts to look fair as a surrender to the demands and pressures of fitting into the conventional mould of beauty (which assumed that only people with a fair complexion have the right to b called beautiful).


Rebecca seems to have learnt nothing from the incident as is seeing repeating the same mistake even today. At the highly publicized M&M’s Election held in April 2015, she suffered a major makeup fail as she yet again tried to look fair.


She clearly went overboard with the white translucent powder that she had used to make her facial skin lighter. Her face ended up looking very different from the rest of her skin tone.

Many people have seen this as an upsetting trend that Rebecca is getting trapped in. It shows negatively not only on her part as she is constantly trying to run away from and alter the complexion she was born with to a large extent; but is also shattering for many other Asian women who dream of making it big in Hollywood.


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