Renée Zellweger Plastic Surgery Pictures Before And After

By | Feb 14, 2016
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Renée Zellweger plastic surgery

Whenever we talk about plastic surgery, Renee’s name always comes in our mind. This beautiful actress was born on April 25, 1969, in Katy, Texas. her fatherEmil Erich Zellweger and mother Kjellfrid Irene (née Andreassen) were both very loving and supportive towards their daughter. Renee was born talented; she participated in many games like basketball, soccer, football, baseball etc. and was the cheerleader of her high school team.

Renée Zellweger plastic surgery pictures

At a very young age Renee became self-dependent, when her father lost her job and she joined a club as a waitress for paying for her college classes. In an Interview Renee revealed how much she learned from that single job, she found that job very valuable and claimed, it was as informative as her college class. There she learned that things are more than just black and white and how small things, can affect life significantly. The values she learned in the early years of her life helped her in becoming a strong woman, with her passionate acting she won a number of big awards(like Academy Award, BAFTA Award, three Golden Globe Awards etc) and the title of Hasty Pudding’s Woman of the Year in 2009.


Later she started her career as an actress, she was given small roles and then big rolls in some low budget movies. In the initial years Renee worked in movies like A Taste for Killing, Reality Bites, 8 Seconds etc.

Renee got her big break from the movie Jerry Maguire, where she played the role of Jerry’s Romantic Interest. From there Renee came under the limelight and was greatly applauded for her acting skills.

Renée Zellweger facelift

Renee was doing fine and everyone believed she had a perfect life but known to less Renee wanted more from life, she wanted to look perfect as the competition around her was drastically increasing. In the race of beauty she wanted to be a strong runner.Things became wild, when on 20th oct Renee appeared on Elle’s 21st Annual Women In Hollywood Awards, everyone could easily see how different and new Renee was looking.

When we compared her before and after pictures, we were shocked to see the number of changes that were marked and noticed by our team of surgeons. According to them Renee’s plastic surgeon has wisely done a number of changes on her face. Her eyebrows, eyelid as well as skin looks, everything looks altered.

Apart form brow lift, eyelid surgery and facelift, Renee may also have undergone breast implant.

Renée Zellweger browlift

The thing that astonished us the most was her skin; even at this change there are no signs of ageing on her face. Her skin looks very vibrant and has no wrinkles or marks, which clearly directs us towards Botox injection. Many of her co-workers have been seen gossiping about Renee’s transformation. Some believe that her unusual genetics are the real reason, behind her going under the knife.

No matter how much Renee tries to hide the truth from us, her new looks reveals everything loudly and clearly.We think she should be open about her plastic surgery just like Michael Jackson.

Below is a Short Video of Renee And Her Plastic Surgery




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