Robin Mcgraw Plastic Surgery Pictures Before And After

By | Feb 28, 2016
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Robin McGraw

robin mcgraw plastic surgery

Robin McGraw is wife to the renowned television personality; Dr. Phil. She is a philanthropist, an author and an actress. Her debut book being ‘Inside My Heart’ and others including ‘What’s Age Got to do with it’ has been the best- selling books of all times. She has appeared in her husband’s talk show and is best known for it. She is also an entrepreneur and sells her own products.

Has robin had any plastic surgery?

She has always reacted sternly to her going under the knife and has said that her appearance is as an after effect of her endeavours to keep up her body through characteristic means.

Mcgraw popularly known as Dr. Phil’s wife has made several prominent appearances on her husband’s talk show and is supposed to bear a new and younger look each time people see her. Plastic surgery is believed to be the reason for her younger appearances. She has always advocated the fact that she drinks plenty of water and it is the sole reason for her furnished beauty. However, it seems that she has had her share of plastic surgery.

robin mcgraw plastic surgery pictures

Surgeons suspect that she has had a browlift, rhinoplasty, Botox injections, endoscopic facelift and some dental surgery as well. A mid- facelift and a breast surgery is also suspected. Her facelift is said to include some cheek implants as well. She has got a splendid facial shape. Her revelations have been primarily due to her before and after pics which has allowed critics to spread a word about her surgeries.

robin mcgraw plastic surgery before and after

The browlift has probably let to a raised brow and cheek implants has highlighted her cheeks and has lifted them. Even if she was born in the early 1950s, she continues to have a wrinkle- free and toned skin probably due to facelift and the mid- facelift leads to changes around mouth area. The nose job has made her nostrils narrower and she is now supposed to have a less wide and a pointed nose. Her signs of having a breast surgery are not very prominent but some surgeons suspect one. Also a dental veneer has highlighted her smile.

robin mcgraw plastic surgery story

Her changes have led to formation of a beautiful face structure and the face construction now complements her looks. Despite her denying undergoing under the knife her older pics when compared to the recent ones reveal her having cosmetic procedures done. Nevertheless, she has safely got her procedures done and that has bought a beautiful change in her facial features.


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