Rob Lowe Before and After Plastic Surgery Photos

By | Jun 20, 2015
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Rob Lowe was born on March 17, 1964. He started his acting career through Television in shows like A New Kid of Family (1979 – 1980), Mean Jeans (1981), Thursday’s Child (1983) and ABC Afterschool Specials (1980 – 1981). In 1984, he was listed as the 12 Most Promising New Actors list. His strikingly good looks were also immediately noticed and he got to play many likeable charming characters.



He went on to work in hit films like Oxford Blues (1984), Youngblood (1986), Square Dance (1987), Illegally Yours (1968), Bad Influence (1990), The Finest Hour (1992), Tommy Boy (1995), etc.

Rob has been nominated at the Golden Globe Awards thrice as the Best Actor in Supporting Role for the films Thursday’s Child, Square Dance and Behind the Candelbra. In 2000, he was alo voted as one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the World.

Rob was known for his ideal good looks. In fact he once said that he could never get to play the role of an average guy because of his good looks. Still in his quest to appear young forever the actor ruined his looks completely.


In 2013, his appearance changed drastically and for the worse. The awful looks that the actor was seen with were immediately labeled as the result of some disastrous plastic surgery. Fans and experts at once got busy finding the reason behind the actor’s changed looks. The procedures that Rob was rumored to have undergone included a facelift, jaw implants and a brow lift.

Rob’s skin looked plastic after the facelift. It was over stretched and extra shiny with hardly anything natural about it. It looked almost frozen.

This result was believed to be not due to one but multiple facelifts. In addition to this were his apparently unnatural brows.


Rob also went overboard with the jaw and chin implants. Even before the surgery his jaw was perfect. Now it became unnaturally over refined.

His jaw line it too angular looking artificial. After the chin implant his chin is unnecessarily bigger and outwardly projected. It is also longer than before making his face abnormally long.

Rob was also accused of going for a Rhinoplasty. Earlier his nose was slightly bigger as compared to now. The bridge is also narrower with a pointed tip. This change, yet again was not needed. His nose was fine even before the surgery.


However, not even a single surgery gave him the results he must have desired. His surgeries became a cautionary tale for anyone who ever thought of going for them.

The saddest part was that the effect of these surgeries was not something that could remain hidden. Instead it was literally on the face!!

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