Robert Downey Jr.’s Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

By | Mar 9, 2016
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Whenever we talk about the greatest actors of Hollywood, Robert Downey Jr.’s name always comes in our mind. With his beautiful acting he has won many fans and big roles. Born on April 4, 1965 in Manhattan, New York. Acting and talent runs in his blood. Her is the younger child of Film maker and actor Robert Downey Sr. and, Elsie Ann. Unlike those kids who spend their childhood in love and happiness, Robert’s childhood was filled with drugs and alcohol.

robert downey jr plastic surgery

In an interview he revealed, how his father used to give him drugs to express his love towards his son. Robert started having drugs at the age of six and became addict to it. Later when we grew up he tried his best to come out of the ill habit and he did after a few years of struggle. Robert started his acting career at the age of 5 by playing a sad puppy’s role in one of his father’s play, her later learned professional ballet and performed it many times as a teenager but if we talk about serious acting roles, then we will title 1983 as his beginning year. The play “American Passion” and he played a small role in it but that small role opened many fortunate doors for him.

robert downey jr plastic surgery before and after

Robert one of those actors who become sexier with age, if we look at his before and after pictures he looks so different and better than before. He role as Sherlock Holmes is so mesmerising that even teenage girls cannot stop themselves from having a crush on him.

Robert Downey Jr.’s Plastic Surgery:

By just giving a single look to his before and after pictures you can clearly tell whether he has gone under the knife or not and in Robert’s case he has. From Roberts’s nose to his chin everything has been altered for better. When we brought Robert’s case to our surgeon’s panel they were clear about the surgeries he would have taken up to get the looks he has now. A major change can be seen on his nose and skin texture.

robert downey jr plastic surgery nose job

Robert used to have a bumpy nose, that gave his face a kiddish look but now there is a slender and sharp nose, which has given his face a better and stronger details. He now looks a lot sexy and charming with his new nose. Apart from his nose, a major change can be seen on his skin. Even after spending so many years of life he has a clean and smooth skin with no marks and signs of ageing, such a miracle is only possible after taking Botox injections.


robert downey jr plastic surgery botox injection

Unlike those celebrities who are open about their plastic surgeries, Robert prefers to stay silent in peace. He is more concerned about his work than the rumors around him. Right now his fans are very excited for his upcoming movie Captain America: Civil War, lets see who wins the battle our captain America Chris( check out Chris Evan’s plastic surgery) Or the Bad guy Robert.


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