Robin McGraw Plastic Surgery Pictures Before and After

By | Mar 4, 2016
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Robin Mcgraw plastic surgery story

Robin McGraw is a famous author, who was born on December 28, 1953.She is famous for her plastic surgery and marrying everyone’s favorite Television host Dr. Phil McGraw. Robin And Phil decided to bind the knot after 3 years of their strong bonding. They now appear on small screen sharing their experiences and up’s down as a couple as well as parents. Jessica is the author of many popular books like Inside My Heart, Christmas Is My Home And Heart etc. Now Robin is living happily with her husband in Irving, Texas, United States. Robin is now a grand mother of two children Avery Elizabeth McGraw and London Philip McGraw.

Whenever we talk about famous celebrity plastic surgeries, Robin’s name always hits the list. Even at the age of 62 she does not look above 50, Robin’s skin and figures Say are the main reason behind our astonishment but whenever we look at her face there is something artificial and unnatural. We can sense it and we are sure that you can too; just look at her before and after pictures and you will know what we were talking about it.

Robin Mcgraw plastic surgery pictures

According to Robin she has never went under the knife and will never in her life. She dispelled all rumors regarding her having a plastic surgery, she said she believes in natural beauty and doesn’t sees’ any need for getting altered by a surgeon. When we compared her before and after pictures, we could Cleary see the changes that happen only due to plastic surgery.

Robin Mcgraw plastic surgery

Our team of surgeons studies Robin’s case and came out with a report pointing out the areas which would have been altered and also showed us the difference in her before and after pictures.Robin is in her 60’s still there are no signs of ageing on her face, no wrinkles, no loose skin, no marks nothing at all. It looks like her skin never aged after 30. Such Beautiful skin even after passing so many years of life can only be attained after injecting Botox. Botox removes all the present signs of ageing as well as does not let them appear ever.

Apart form her skin her nose and lips also look very different then what they used to when se was young and vibrant. Robin had a very slender and sharp nose but what we see now is a little plump nose , the shape of her lips also looks different, they used to be perfectly lined but now they look a little trembled.

Robin Mcgraw plastic surgery pictures

Even the shape of her jaw looks altered but not into perfection but grossness. Robin’s fans believe that their beloved author used to look very pretty before, the plastic surgery has made her skin young but the beauty her face used to hold has gone away and so do we. The reason behind her hiding her alteration is still a mystery; nobody is able to understand what inspired her for taking such a risky and artificial step. Well we hope she stays healthy and live many fortunate years of her life.


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