Rose Mcgowan Before and After Surgery Pictures

By | Sep 19, 2015
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Born in Italy, on September 5, 1973. Rose Arianna McGowan was a pretty little girl whose was the second eldest of six children. Her parents Terri andDaniel McGowan both worked hard to nurture their family needs. Rose’s family shifted to America (Eugene, Oregon)when she was 10. Unlike normal teenagers rose life was a little rough with accusation of drugs abuse and emancipation. Rose came unto the lime light from her role in the movie “Encino man” in 1992. After that Rose appeared on number of TV shows like charmed and gained lot of fame and love from her fans.

Before Rose claimed herself that she did had gone under the knife rumours were all around. Her fans as well as her co-workers were pretty excited to know the real truth.



But as per her story, she dint had the surgery to enhance her beauty but to cover up a unwanted cut on her lips which she got from a car accident. So it’s pretty acceptable for her fans to see a change on her face. For a celebrity his/her face is a very important asset, thats why it is important for a celebrity to always have a perfect face.

But when we compared her before and after picture we could clearly see that a lot more has changed a part from her lips, which basically indicates that Rose is just revealing a few portions of the whole story.r

Our experts studied her case and came out with a few surgeries she would have had like face lift, injection of fillers on her cheeks and breast implant. Even her fans were shocked to see her new look but in a good way.

But as she hasn’t disclosed any strong clearances about surgery related to other parts of her face we cannot claim anything. We all know how many changes have come in the field of make-up and animation. One can even make a baby look like an old dwarf so there is chance that what we are assuming is just a mirage, portrayed by Rose with the help of her makeup artists.



And one should not believe what he sees in movie; the lights, camera and the props which are used to make a single scene are way advanced and can do miracles beyond our imagination.

leaving apart the truth and lie, what matters is your opinion, so what do you thing, has rose really gone under the knife or its just her lips that look changed or there are other parts that look different too? The mystery still remains unsolved.





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