Rupert Everett Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

By | Jan 28, 2016
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Rupert Everett, a perfect Combination of great looks and talent. Born in May 29,1959, Rupert spend his childhood in Burnham Deepdale, Norfolk. Everett’s father served the british army, he and his wife Sara nourished Rupert and his brother Simon Anthony Cunningham Everett. Unlike normal teenagers, Rupert took the road less taken. He ran from his house at the age of 16 to become an actor in London.

Rupert wanted more from life. When he was 16 he decided to run away from his ordinary life. Rupert wanted to become an actor and so he did but the journey was not at all sweet, he worked as a prostitute for many years to fulfills his drug need. As time changed, Rupert became serious about his life and in 80’s he got his first break. His work made him very famous in the H-Town. He was everything a young man wishes to be, girls were crazy for him. Everything was perfect, Rupert was living his dream but then time passed and he became old.


The looks he was so proud of were now nothing but faded dream. In an interview, Rupert described how much he misses looking at a beautiful face in the mirror, those sharp features and killer looks. He was unhappy and wanted more from life and that was the time when he decided to go under the surgeon’s knife. Like many famous faces, Rupert too invested his trust in plastic surgery; he was very excited for getting his handsome touch back. He saw Plastic surgery as a magic wand, which could help him in becoming what he was a decade ago and fortunately thing did happen like a fairly tale.

Rupert Everett Opening night for Noel Coward's "Blithe Spirit"- After Party at Sardi's New York City, USA - 15.03.09 Credit: (Mandatory):

Unlike the plastic surgery of Carrot Top, Ivanka Trump etc Rupert’s plastic surgery was a miracle. It made him look flawless. The wrinkles, which used to linger on his face, were now invisible. His face looked tighter and brighter than before. It was like Rupert drank some kind of magical potion and all his ugliness just went away like they were never there. People admired his decision and many of his fans got so influenced that they too went under the knife. Rupert’s successful plastic surgery spread like a Wild fire in the H-Town and burnt many with jealousy.


Some of his fans claimed that he looks a lot younger than before. His cheeks look a lot smooth and plump than before. Whenever we compare his before and after pictures, we are clearly able to see the fine work done by his surgeon. Rupert looks as if he never aged. He is still the heart throb of thousand of fans, girls are still crazy for him and it feels like the days of his ageing were just a dream.r4


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