Sarah Chalke Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

By | Sep 4, 2016
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Sarah Chalke is a Canadian actress and is currently 40 years old. The actress was raised in British Columbia in the city of Vancouver. She is the second child in a family of three sisters. Her mother , is native to Rostock ,Germany and Sarah would attend a german school in her mother’s hometown twice per week. She can fluently speak in German,French and English. She rose to fame when she played a role in the all time favorite series” How I met Your Mother”. Her appearance can be highly deceitful of her age. One could question her remarkable beauty while complementing it at the same time.

Sarah Chalke Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

She is almost forty and speculations suggest that she has been undergoing plastic surgery to maintain her beauty at this age. But these speculations seem false , since the actress herself doesn’t claim to have undergone any surgery.The least that one may notice on her face are the botox treatment and rhinoplasty.

Botox / filler treatment

Her ageing hardly appears on her face which raises questions regarding a filler treatment.Her face appears just youthful and fresh as ever, one would believe she drank some “immortal juice” that keeps her young.. Once you compare her current and before pictures, you’d notice that some of the wrinkles that had started to appear are now invisible. The botox could be a reason behind this. The filler treatment would slow down the process of ageing and account for a juvenile skin. The might have been injected near her cheeks and eyes.

Sarah Chalke Plastic Surgery

Nose job

Some people also noticed a remarkable change in the shape of her nose Currently her nose appears to be way slimmer than her earlier nose. . It also appears to be a bit shorter than before. The rumor states that nose job was her very first plastic surgery.

Eyes and eyelid surgery

Speculations suggest that she went for a facelift surgery so as to remove dark circles on her eyes. Dark circles used to be a characteristic feature of her appearance once .The fact that Sarah never agreed to the speculations make these statements rumors and not facts !

Sarah Chalke  Before And After Pictures

But it is hard to believe that her body is hardly responding to changes that appear in the body as a result of ageing . a tremendous change in her nose definitely accounts for a nose job. Its either the remarkable results of plastic surgery or simply some magic spell cast over her that are keeping her younger as the years pass by !