Sarah Jessica Parker Plastic Surgery Pictures Before And After

By | Jun 7, 2016
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Sarah Jessica Parker surgeries

Born on March 25,1965 in Nelsonville, Ohio, United States, Sarah Jessica Parker started taking singing and ballet lessons at an early age when she was cast in the Broadway revival of Willian Archibald’s The Innocents.Her parents shifted to New York where her career as a child actress developed. She was cast in the sitcom Square Pegs and her performance was praised by the critics. This led to her appearance in films like Flight of the Navigator, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, etc.

Sarah Jessica Parker Plastic Surgery Pictures Before And After

She then secured more film projects in motion pictures such as Striking Distance, Miami Rhapsody, etc. She played a very notable role as Carrie Bradshaw in a series on HBO called “Sex and the City”. Regarding the series her movie released on May 30, 2008, with a sequel in 2010.As a famous actress from The Sex and the City, the moment she came into limelight, she was apparent to have undergone many plastic surgeries.

The nose job

According to the reports and her circulated transformation photos over the internet the actress underwent a nose job. The changes on her nose are very subtle which makes any changes hard to be noticed through the different lighting of images on the internet.Nevertheless, people who watched SJP before she hit television show have said that she definitely had a nose job. This is because there is a certain difference as her nose was more bumpy and big in her youth. Now it appeared to be shrunken as compared to her youth, and narrower.


Sarah Jessica Parker Plastic Surgery Pictures Before And After

The youthful glow at the age of 48, it’s an apparent assumption that she may have undergone a Botox.There are some wrinkles around her eyes with visible mimic lines but her skin looks very natural for her age. However, she claimed to have no Botox, collagen, etc.

Breast augmentation

From the pictures, the changes on her boobs were apparent. Clearly, her chest was flatter before and drastically showed added volume. This drastic change of couldn’t be possible from naturally exercising however, it makes her sexier.It was reported that the actress’s mole disappeared in one of her appearances which were a significant proof of a breast augmentation. However, it reappeared as reported by Make Me Heal. An instance to justify the mole was ‘shaving to remove moles’. However, a part of it remains on the surface and grows again after a while.

Other rumors-Plastic surgery on hands


A shocking report claimed that she would undergo a plastic surgery on hands to which she replied in an interview on Bravo’s What Happens Live that she totally loved her hands and wouldn’t want to change a thing about them as they were inherited from her mother.

Present day scenario

Sarah is a beautiful woman with no need for plastic surgery. She believes to be against plastic surgery and wants to age naturally.However, the beauty of an aging actress can give rise to many rumors even though there is a possibility she might be using excellent skincare products or laser treatments to maintain her beauty.