Sela Ward Plastic Surgery – Before and After Photos

By | Dec 24, 2014
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If you haven’t heard about Sela Ward note that she is actually a very popular TV personality and is best known for her role in CSI: New York. Sela Ward was born on 11th July 1956.


At the age 54 Sela Ward is obviously going to find it tough to compete with some of the younger actresses and thus it is obvious that she may opt to resort to cosmetic surgery procedures in order to either maintain her looks or to some extent even try and look younger.

In fact Sela Ward is one of the few actresses present in Hollywood that has actually been quite open about her dabbling in cosmetic surgeries.



Tough you should know that Sela Ward hasn’t gone all out and had a full makeover surgery instead she has undergone a few small procedures that will help her preserve her looks.

Sela Ward Plastic Surgery Procedures

When you compare the older pics of Sela Ward you will realise that there is actually quite a noticeable difference in the images.

The procedures Sela Ward has probably undergone are getting a Botox injection. In fact she has herself confessed to liking the idea of a Botox injection because it not only has the ability to soothe the face but also helps you get rid of the wrinkles.


The images will clearly show you that she has taken Botox injections on her brow and has also undergone restylane at the corner of her mouth. When you compare images you will also notice that there are still various parts of her face that actually are still quite natural.

One very noticeable thing about her face that has not been fixed yet is actually her nose and in case you did not know note that her nose has actually been broken twice.

Sela Ward has gone on record to say that the only reason she hasn’t gone all out is because she still has not been able to gather the courage to do so but if she ever is able to gather the courage or in case there is something she is not able to fix through a small cosmetic procedure she would definitely go in for a full plastic surgery.


At moment it is quite clear that she has not had a full surgery because when you combine the parts of her face haven’t been fixed yet you will realise that they are still quite natural.

As of now Sela Ward is able to manage looking beautiful with smaller procedures and covers up the rest of the flaws with the help of good make-up, excellent knowledge of dressing up and I guess like most actresses she still pays a lot of attention her diet and also puts in the hard work and time in the gym that is required to maintain a good physique.


Like I mentioned above Sela Ward is one of the few actresses in Hollywood who has so far actually had the courage and to accept that she has undergone a few procedure and does not mind going in for a surgery if she ever has to.


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