Shruti Hassan Before and After Plastic Surgery Photos

By | Jun 28, 2015
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Shruti Hassan was born on 28 January 1986. She is the daughter of veteran actor Kamal Hassan and Sarika. Right from her childhood, Shruti was as inclined towards singing as towards acting. While she first appeared onscreen as a child artist in the film Hey Ram (2000), she also contributed as a playback singer to her father’s immensely popular film Chachi 420 (1997).


Although Shruti hasn’t seen the kind of success here parents did, she has managed to maintain a decent career graph as an actor as well as a singer in both Bollywood and South Indian film industry. Shruti has featured in films like Luck (2009), Anaganaga O Dheerudu (2011), Dil Toh Bachcha Hi Ji (2011), 7 Aum Aviru (2011), 3 (2012), Gabbar Singh (2012), Ramayya Vastavayya (2013), D-Day (2013), Gabbar is Back (2015), etc.

Meanwhile she has also worked as a playback singer for films like Luck (2009), Hisss (2010), 7 Aum Arivu (2011), Oh My Friend (2011), Maan Karate (2014), Yennamo Yedho (2014) and Shamitabh (2015).


Shruti bears a striking resemblance to her mother and has taken after all her beautiful features especially her beautiful eyes. Still she didn’t seem too happy with her natural looks and it is believed that Shruti has opted for a rhinoplasty more than once.


Rhinoplasty, commonly known as a nose job is a surgical procedure that is done to correct impaired breathing caused by structural defects in the nose. Today however more than a medical procedure Rhinoplasy has become one of the most readily available options for stars to have a perfect nose. It has become a means to improve the shape and proportion of one’s nose in order to enhance their facial harmony.

If one looks at Shruti’s early pictures, before she entered Bollywood and compares them with the recent ones, a drastic change in the shape and size of her nose will be revealed.


Earlier Shruti had quite a big nose which strongly disturbed her facial harmony. Her nose was a flat one with a bulbous tip and large nostrils. The bridge of her nose was also slightly crooked. After the rhinoplasty her nose has improved a lot. The bridge is narrower and straighter. The bulbous tip is replaced with a pointed one. Her nostrils are also not as prominent as before.
The overall effects of the rhinoplasty have been very pleasing on the actress’s face. Many reports also claim that Shruti went for the surgery in order to look like a Hollywood beauty! Any such intentions would seem ridiculous since Shruti has already been blessed with great Indian features thanks to her mixed ancestry. Still, there is a section of fans and media who are evidently unhappy with the Shruti’s decision.

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