Snooki Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures


Nicole Elizabeth Snooki LaValle was born on 23rd November, 1987 in Santiago, Chile and is a TV personality. Also known for her wrestling and dancing skills Snooki has been multi- dimensional and has books to her name. She is an adopted child and kisckstarted her career as a personality with MTV’s ‘Is She really going out with him?’ after which she later continued her work with the same network in the TV series Jersey Shore and then in Snooki and Jwoww, which became a tremendous hit and gained a lot of popularity.

Snooki Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

She started early at her age and has several awards to her name. she recently is working in ‘The New Celebrity Apprentice.’ She has also been a presenter of a dance event and also as a part of one along with being a wrestler in WWE Raw.

Snooki Plastic Surgery Before and After

Snooki is no exception to plastic surgery list of celebrities and that her name added another number to the same. Plastic surgery is a very common trend followed these days in order to hide the smallest flaw possible and this snapped trend is now being adopted by almost every celebrity and artist. Well, Snooki as mentioned is no exception and underwent the knife post pregnancy. She gained a lot of weight after pregnancy and has undergone an expressive change in relation to her body shape. Skooki has never felt underrated and has admitted that she has been able to lose such body weight after exercises and gymming and that there’s no plastic surgery that has helped her in the same.

Snooki Plastic Surgery Before and After

It was a noted span of five long months in which the actress shed about 50 pounds which is a great number and that to post pregnancy. Her body weight has been reduced abruptly and that the suspection of undergoing a liposuction seems to exist. Snooki though like several other artists has never resorted to undergoing a plastic procedure before but whatsoever it is certainly impossible to shed such amount of weight in such less time. Weight gained after pregnancy is a bit difficult to lose because the body becomes habitual to relaxed state of mind and body and that you don’t get to workout more on it and what according to Snooki is that she lost such weight merely by working out.

Snooki Plastic Surgery Pictures

When asked about whether she has gone under the knife or not she said that it is just the exercises and the workout plan that chopped off her extra weight and that if she ever had to go under the knife she would consider having a boob surgery because of saggy breasts. Well, there is no official quotation from anywhere that she has gone under the knife and that we wish if this is true then this is really a great example to lose weight. Also, there has not been any other revelation regarding her undergoing any cosmetic surgery. Whatever the truth is we are just aware that Snooki is happy with what she has.

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