Sofia Vergara’s Before and After Plastic Surgery Photos

By | Jun 4, 2015
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Sofia Vergara’s Before and After Plastic Surgery

According to the Forbes most powerful women list, Sofia Vergara is the highest paid television actress. The Spanish beauty who started her career as a television host in the late 1990s is reportedly taking $325K per episode for the show ‘Modern Family’.She has used her television fame to grab endorsements with famous brands like Diet Pepsi, Kmart, Xfinity, Sythroid, etc. She is also successfully running a business empire.


One cannot doubt the obvious role her beauty has played behind all the success. She herself admits in an interview that her great physic has been a boon for her career.The 43 year old actress has therefore gone all out to embrace every means to maintain this beauty and even enhance it further. She is rumoured to have gone under the knife at many points in her career.However it is a boob job and a tummy tuck that has drawn maximum attention.

Sofia Vergara has however repeatedly denied breast implants, asserting that she has had huge boobs since the age of 14! And also that she had once wished to have a breast reduction instead!! Still, most people tend to disagree with her claims. Sofia’s boob job created a lot of buzz since her breasts have been the most prominent feature of her figure and have attracted a lot of attention since the start of her career.



The voluminous breast size that she has been flaunting for quite sometime now, given her rather skinny figure is however anything but natural. Any comparison of her before and after surgery pictures would reveal a big difference in her breast size.

Her post pregnancy pictures also reveal a liposuction that she clearly had. Liposuction is defined as the surgical withdrawal of excess fat from local areas under the skin by means of small incision and vacuum suctioning.


Since 2010, even after she became a mother, she has been seen with a flat tummy with all the excess skin around her belly removed. Seeing her recent pictures very few would be able to guess that she was pregnant pregnant pregnant just a few years back.

Apart from these major visible changes to her figure Sofia Vergara was said to have a rhinoplasty as well to get a smaller and well defined nose as compared to the natural but imperfect one she had.

SOFIA Plastic Surgery

Although she believes that it is impossible for anyone to look younger with the help of cosmetic surgeries, the regular use of Botox to maintain a youthful beauty for the aging celebrity cannot be ignored.Even though Sofia never admitted having a plastic surgery, she is not against it either. In fact cosmetic enhancements is an option she would definitely explore should the need arise in future.

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