Song Hye Kyo Plastic Surgery – Before and After Photos

By | Jan 1, 2015
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Song Hye Kyo is actually one of the best looking Korean actresses you will ever come across. In case you haven’t heard about her before note that she has done many excellent roles on Korean TV shows such as autumn in my Heart, All In, Sunlight Pours Down and Full House which made her quite popular among fans but it was only the roles she played in movies like My Girl and I, A Reason to Live, and The Grandmasters that turned her into the superstar she is today.


Song Hye Kyo was born on 23rd November 1982 and has been a product endorser for huge companies like Levi’s, Nintendo DS, Roem, McDonald’s and Korean cosmetic brand, Laneige.

When you become such a popular celebrity there will always be people asking questions about your looks and body and it is the same in case of Song Hye Kyo. Loads of people from around the world are wondering whether Song Hye Kyo has actually gone under the knife in order to maintain her looks or not.

So has Song Hye Kyo actually undergone any cosmetic procedure yet or not?


Song Hye Kyo Plastic surgery procedures

Since the time Song Hye Kyo became the face of the brand Laneige taking over from Jun Ji Hyun, many people have raised the question as to whether her look are natural or has she gone under the knife to make her face appear better.

Most people have gone on to compare the older images of her to the more recent ones to prove that she has gone under the knife and that her looks aren’t natural. Although Song Hye Kyo has herself never come out in the open and talked about it rumours just don’t seem to go away.


Many people by comparing images of her have come to the conclusion that the first and foremost difference that easy is noticeable is her teeth. People speculate that she may have actually has some straightening done.

The images show that as a teenage her teeth were quite crooked and now are much straighter. Apart from this minor cosmetic procedure people also speculate that she may have also had work done to her eyes because when you compare images it seems like her eyes are much wider than they were before. She may have had this procedure done to reduce the slant in the eye which Asians usually have. Another procedure she may have undergone is a rhinoplasty. This is the procedure done on the nose in order to improve the shape and look of the nose and is also known as the nose job.


Rhinoplasty is speculated because her nose does not appear to be as flat as Asians usually have. Many people have also speculated that she has had fat injected into her cheeks to make her look younger. Though when you read all of these speculations, one thing you need to keep in mind is that none of them have been confirmed as of now and thus completely believing would be wrong and you also cannot simply attribute every change to plastic surgeries.

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