Stacey Dash Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

By | Mar 26, 2017
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Stacey Dash Plastic surgery

Stacey Lauretta Dash famously known as Stacey Dash was born in January, 1967 in United States. The Carriebian Actress started her career from television drama in Pilot Farrell in 1982. She produced movies including Ghost Image, Enemy Territory and Patient Killer. Stacey Dash is an actress who is known for her acting in film Clueless in 1995. She also stared in Getting Played alongside Carmen Electra and Civics Fox in 2005. In 2014, Dash was hired as a cultural analysis and commentary. Her remarks on Barack Obama about Islamic terrorism, suggesting that the president didn’t “give a shit”. Again, she argued about BET Awards, stating about black people and called to end to Black History Month. At BET Awards, she criticised Jesse’s William speech.

Stacey Dash Plastic surgery

She has been part of some music videos including “Talk to myself”, “Emotional”, “All falls down”, “Favourite Girl” and “Super High”. She wrote a book named There Goes My Social Life in 2016. She is among the celebrities who had gone under several plastic surgeries including nose job, lip injections and breast implants. Stacey Dash has been in news for several years. Plastic surgeon Dr. Sherrel J. Aniston shared her opinion on Dash. Dash age and appearance, strongly makes us believe about her botox surgery.

Stacey Dash Nose job

She have undergone nose job (Rhinoplasty). Her nose now looks more leaner and straight than before. Her nose now suits her face more. She even agreed to have nose surgery. Her nose shape is more defined now. Her nose shape is recognisable after surgery. Her nose is quite comparable with her older one. Nose job is referred as Rhinoplasty surgery which is known to perfect the nose shape or to make it a perfect one. Celebrities adopt this method to enhance their face.

Stacey Dash Plastic surgery pICTURES

Stacey Dash Botox

Botox may be the reason for her good looks and rejuvenation. She might be taking botox regularly to get rid of wrinkles. Her before and after pictures clearly indicates the use of botox because without it she can’t have the wrinkle free face at this age.

She took injections of botox to keep the face youthful. The biggest problem with this is people who take injections, have stiff faces. Dash take this to look younger than she is. These injections are addiction to those people who want to look young forever. The main reason for her to undergo plastic surgery was to make her nasals widerand to get rid of wrinkles. She wasn’t satisfied with her nose and face. After surgery her nose become refined and narrower nasals. Stacey nose matched well with her face after surgery.