Steven Tyler Before And After Plastic Surgery

By | Jul 18, 2016
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Steven Tyler

Steven Tyler was born on March 26, 1948 in Yonkers, New York, USA as Steven Victor Tallarico. He took up to drumming and singing before getting into the famous band of Aerosmith. Steven Victor Tallarico is the lead singer of the popular rock band Aerosmith which he had helped to form over four decades ago. The multi- talented Steven can also play piano, harmonica and percussion. He has inherited music, his father was a classical musician and Teven enjoyed playing music from an early age and was always clear that he will opt for music as his career.

Steven Tyler Before And After Plastic Surgery

He was the one in the making of the famous band Aerosmith and the band got into final success in the mid 1970s. But after a particular span of time the band members got into drug overuse and Tyler was a major problem for the band that time, so a conclusive decision of sending Tyler to a rehabilitation was taken and once he returned, the band returned with a bang and rose to early prominence once again.

Steven Tyler and his much talked about plastic surgery procedures.

While the gossip is about Steven Tyler, plastic surgery is no big topic to be talked about. It is nothing new for the Aerosmith Front man and the surgery headlines seems to revolve around him.

His age is in his 60s and still he is a rock star and has appeared in many shows and events with his daughter. But the talked about part is his looks which are surely unusual as compared to a 60 year old man. The face structure and smooth skin is an evidence to that. But the best part is that the singer has set all the related questions free and has publicly revealed his plastic surgeries.

Steven Tyler Before And After face lift

Botox: So getting Botox injections is to be surely believed because it is obvious that a man in sixties will surely have prominent lines and wrinkles, but when it is about Steven the face seems to be so stiff and smooth that there is no doubt in him not getting fillers.

Facelift: a cosmetic procedure is the only way to get a smooth and a wrinkle free face and the fact of getting the botched skin is surely because of a facelift. Steven has revealed the fact publicly that his looks are due to a facelift and that there’s no speculation about it. He believes that to be famous and keep going in this media business one has to be maintained and perfect with the desired looks and that is the reason behind him being hitched.

Steven Tyler Before And After Plastic Surgery

After getting his plastic surgeries done, Steven Tyler does not look handsome, rather to say there is no betterment in his features and looks and the only possible outcome to his plastic surgery is just that he looks younger than his age. But whatever be it, Steven is happy with the procedures and he doesn’t bother to give a damn about how people look at hi style and stuff and we are happy to see that, that he is confident in what he carries because getting to normal after a plastic surgery is not possible for everyone.