Susan Lucci Plastic Surgery – Before and After Photos

By | Jan 7, 2015
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If have seen movies such as The Bride in Black, the Woman Who Sinned, Between Love and Hate, and Blood on Her Hands you would definitely know who Susan Lucci is but in case you haven’t and don’t know much about her note that Susan Victoria Lucci is an actress and has even starred is TV shows such as Dallas, the love boat, hope and faith and fantasy island. This amazing looking actress was born on 23rd December 1946.


She came into the spotlight after her role as Erica Kane in the hit TV show all my children. She got this role in 1970 and since then has move on to bigger and better things. Another thing you should know is that she has received a total of 19 daytime Emmy nominations and won her 1st one in 1999. I am sure by now you might have already realized that Susan Lucci is actually quite old.

In fact on 23rd December 2011 she had become 65 years old but and once you reach that age as an actress in Hollywood and still look as beautiful as she does, speculation and rumours related to plastic surgery procedures are bound to surface sooner or later. So has Susan Lucci undergone any plastic surgery procedure or not?


Susan Lucci Plastic Surgery Procedures

Most of the fans and people inquisitive about celebrity plastic surgeries have compared older photos of Susan Lucci to the ones take fairly recently to make their point clear that Susan has undergone plastic surgery procedure in order to look younger.

Many plastic surgeons have speculated the same. The procedures most plastic surgeons have speculated in case of Susan Lucci include cheek implants, face lift, forehead lift, brow lift and chemical peels.


She is also speculated to have undergone lower and upper blepharoplasty. Most of the procedures she has undergone have been performed on just her face since it looks tighter than it should be. Apart from these procedures of her face Susan Lucci is also speculated to have undergone other breast augmentation and also liposuction. Due to some recent images of her in a bikini a tummy tuck is also speculated.

When you read about all the speculation and see the images it is hard to deny that she may have undergone plastic surgery procedures but you need to remember that Susan Lucci has never spoken about it to anyone

No doctor or friend or relative of Susan has come forward and confirmed the reports and thus none of the rumours can be proven.



In fact Susan has herself denied having gone under the knife in order to improve her looks or preserve them on the Oprah Winfrey show.

One thing you should know is that in the year 2001 Susan Lucci had teamed up with Guthy –Renker for the inauguration of the age defying skin care line Youthful Essence.

Now Susan has herself accepted the fact that she used the line in order to enhance her looks. So whether it is really the product that’s keeping her beautiful or is it plastic surgery is a question people will continue to ask.

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