Susan Sarandon Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

By | Mar 5, 2016
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susan saradon plastic surgery

Susan Abigail Sarandon famous by the name Susan Sarandon is an American actress who was born on October 4, 1946 (age 69) as the first of the nine children of Lenora MarieAnd Phillip Leslie Tomalin.

Susan Married her class mate  Chris Sarandon, who was a famous actor that time but they got separated in 1979. Susan was born and brought up as a child of catholic believes in  Jackson Heights, Queens, New York City. She had a normal childhood filled with happiness and love. Susan started her acting career with help of her ex husband chris, she got the lead role in a motion picture called Joe. Sarandon also appeared in a number of soap operas including A World Apart and Search for Tomorrow, playing the roles of Patrice Kahlman and Sarah Fairbanks.

susan saradon plastic surgery skin lift

According to the recent rumors Susan went under the knife to replenish her lost charm and beauty. As a young woman Susan had the perfect figure but as she aged wrinkles and loose skin took over her glamour. In an interview Susan admitted that she did went under the knife so that she could get rid of the loos skin on her neck. When we compared susan’s before and after pictures, we were amazed to see the changes the were visible as a result of her going under the knife. The wrinkles that were lingering on her face like a web have gone away. There are no spot, no marks and no signs of ageing any more on her face.

susan saradon plastic surgery pictures

Apart from injecting Botox she had gone under some savior plastic surgeries, which helped her in loosing that loose old skin on her neck. Susan also claimed that she had a skin-lift and Rhinoplasty to give a better definition to her face. Unlike those celebrities who try to hide there journey to the surgeons office, Susan was brave enough to reveal all the details regarding her surgery. She believes that the growing competition in the H-town demands one to use artificial methods for enhancing beauty and confidence.

susan plastic surgery

According to Susan, plastic surgery has brought a lot of confidence and entertainment in her life. It brought many new opportunities for her and she is lucky to get back what she lost. Susan looks very positive and happy now and we guess that’s all what matters in life.





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