Toni Collette Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

By | Mar 7, 2017
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Hey, guys! welcome back to our website. So it’s time for some more sweet and salty chats with you about out favorite celebs. Today I will be telling you about the plastic surgery of the famous Australian entertainment icon Toni Collette. She is popular worldwide for her amazing work. For those who don’t know her no need to worry, here is a brief introduction to her.

Toni Collette Plastic Surgery

Toni Collette or as people call her Toni Collette is popular Australian musician and actress. She is well known for her performances as an actress of TV shows, movies, and every stage shows. Also, she is the lead singer of a music band called Toni Collette and the Finish. Toni was born in Blacktown, south whales, Australia in the year 1972. As a toddler, she represented amazing acting skills which were appreciated by everyone around her. Her talent got her to be a part of some really popular musicals in her teenage. Finally, in 1990, her hard work paid off and she made her debut in the Australian TV sitcom. After 2 years of hard work, she was recognized as an integral part of small screens, which gave her the opportunity to make a debut in films and movies. Finally, in 1994, she got her big break from the movie Muriel’s Wedding.

Toni Collette Plastic Surgery Before And After

Since then there has been no going back for her. She has reached the peak of her career. Her amazing acting skills has helped her to grab on to some famous and prestigious awards. I know all this glamor and fame sounds nice but everything comes at a price. Toni has to work really hard every day to maintain her glamor status. The regular workouts and diet plans can be really hectic. Tired of all these physical trainings, she tried to get an easy way out. So, she finally decided to have a plastic surgery to help her look good. Sources tell that Toni felt the need to look better in order to gain popularity all over the world. So she finally ended up having botox and facelift treatments.


It is a very regular observation that female celebrities often indulge in the act of plastic surgeries to look glamourous. Mostly these women go for the use of BOTOX and FACELIFT procedures to remove all signs of aging. My sources tell me that Toni has gone under the facelift and botox procedures. Though it’s very hard to Tell. If we see her pictures carefully then we can easily point out that she has started to show some signs of aging. Which should not have been the case if she had used BOTOX. I am not very sure what to tell you here, but I personally think that she is one of the plastic surgery patients. Though she has managed to do it in a very limited amount to keep her natural beauty alive.Although this reminds me how Toni is actually an inspiration for all the young celebrities that natural beauty is all that matters.