Tori Amos Plastic Surgery – Before and After Photos

By | Dec 18, 2014
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If you keep in touch with the latest gossip surrounding celebrities then I am sure you might have come across reports about the bad plastic surgery procedures Tori Amos had undergone. Tori Amos is an exceptional alternative singer in her late 40s and was born on 22nd August 1963.


When Tori Amos first came into the spotlight as a singer she gained a lot popularity as she was the only female alternative artist and the instrument she you used to play was a piano.

Tori Amos apart from her singing is also quite known for her unfamiliar looks both on and as well as off the stage but many people believe that her latest look is surely because of cosmetic surgery procedures she might have undergone.


Tori Amos plastic surgery speculations 

Now fans and other curious people who have started to compare older pics of Tori Amos to the ones that have been taken recently and are certain of the fact that she has undergone plastic surgery procedures. Most people are speculating that she may have undergone a rhinoplasty since the unique bump on Tori Amos’s nose can no longer be seen.t2

There is also speculation surrounding her eyebrows which now seem to be higher than they were probably few years ago. The shape of her eyes also looks quite different. The changes in the eye shape can be done easily by performing a plastic surgery procedure on the eye lids.

In case of young musicians, singers, actresses etc. such changes in the face and body can be attributed to them maturing and changing but since Tori Amos is also in her late 40s it is quite obvious that the changes to her face are not simply because she is maturing and thus the speculation of her having undergone various cosmetic surgery procedures seems to make more sense.

Now in case you do photography or click pictures for fun you would already be aware of the fact that way you take a photo has a huge impact on how you appear in the images.


There are many factors that you should keep in mind that may impact your look in images. Factors such as lighting, camera angles, the make-up you may be wearing, your hairstyle, the clothes you may wear and even the colour your dress have some impact on your image and thus to say that all the changes in the images of Tori Amos are due to cosmetic surgeries is not totally right or true.

Now there is an excellent website called Make Me Heal. This website has a lot of info about the plastic surgeries done by various celebrities and they interviewed a few specialists regarding Tori Amos’s new looks and most of them agreed that Tori Amos might have actually undergone an eyebrow lift and also that the changes to her nose are because of a cosmetic procedure.


Few others suggested that she may have also had Botox injections along with a neck lift. Although there has been no official confirmation as to whether she has actually undergone cosmetic surgeries and till there is none it is all just pure speculation.


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