Tulisa Plastic Surgery Before And After Images

By | Mar 26, 2017
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Tula Paulina Contostavlos or as you may call her Tulisa is a sensational English singer and songwriter. She is also well recognized as an actress, Television personality and the Judge of the famous reality TV show X-Factor. She is a young and dynamic woman, who has won the hearts of millions with her melodious voice. Also, she has managed to cast the spell of love over millions of boys with her beauty. Although the things haven’t been going great for her in the beauty world. Some unwanted actions ruined her look, but before this let’s discuss who she is?

Tulisa Plastic Surgery Before And After Images

Tulisa was born in Camden Town London in the year 1988. As a child, she faced a rough childhood. Fortunately, things took a good turn for her in the later phase of her life. Luckily Tulisa was blessed with a mesmerizing voice since her childhood. So, in the year 2000, she got and the opportunity to become a part of a band with Dappy and Fazer. Her band was known as the N-Dubz era which was a sensational music group for a long period of time. This was just the starting phase for her fame. In no time was judging in the biggest music platform, i.e the X- factor. Also, she managed to appear in some TV shows and Movies. She is well recognised for her role in the movie Demons never die.

Tulisa plastic surgery

Tulisa is absolutely amazing. She has even won awards for her success. Unfortunately, these things were no enough for her. Well, we all know almost every woman in the entertainment industry goes under a little plastic surgery treatment to look good, but somewhere along the road, Tulisa crossed the line. The thirst of beauty actually ruined her gorgeous looks. So let’s go on and take a closer look at what happened

Tulisa Plastic Surgery Before And After


Tulisa has had a lot of plastic surgery treatments. Although going under this treatment was her worst decision. In the year 2014 Tulisa had a lip filler treatment in which her lips ended up to be way more swollen than she desired. In her own words, she looks like the character of finding Nemo. Although she claims that she didn’t desire for too much fill, it was just an allergic reaction. Although its hard to tell because the women are practically addicted to these plastic surgery treatments.


Tulisa Plastic Surgery After Images

She also had her cheeks filled along with the lips which were just oil in the fire. The combination of both this filler treament made her look horrible. She surely is disappointed in the results, but its good to see how gracefully she has handled the situation. She claims that there is no need to be embarrassed by this.In the recent time, I think she also had her eyes widened. They look bigger and cuter to me. Although a lot of her fans are concerned with the fact that she is not being her true self and that natural her might get lost in this new plastic world

Being frank, Tulisa has seen better days and she used to look way too pretty before. So the actions fo Tulisa tells us that excess of anything is not good. It all just ends up getting worse.