Vanna White Before And After Plastic Surgery Pictures

By | Jan 18, 2017
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Vanna White

Vanna White was born on 18 February,1957. She is a television personality and film actress. In 1980, she appeared in game show The Price is Right, she reached among four contenstants. She raised to fame from Wheel of Fortune. In 1982,she became a hostess. Vanna speaks, her autobiography became a best seller. She got featured in Playboy, in which she showed her pictures took by her boyfriend. She played Venus in television film Goddess of Love. The film was criticised by jury for her acting.

Vanna White Before And After Plastic Surgery Pictures

She played cameos in some of television shows including Simon and Simon, L.A. Law, 227 and The King of Queens. She made appearance in Graduation Day as Doris. She was recognised as a televison’s most frequent clapper by Guinness Book of World Records. Apart from acting, she narrated and sang in “Santa’s Last Ride”. She gave her voice in The Real Story of Twinkle, Twinkle Little StarĀ  and Captain Planet and the Planeteers. She sued the electronics company, alleging on her rights. For damages, she was given $403,000 by Samsung company.

Vanna dated actor John Gibson and became engaged. Gibson died in a plane crash, in 1986. Due to this, she missed Wheel of Fortune for a week. In 1990, she married to George Santo Pietro. She had two kids from him. Later, divorced from him in 2002. She engaged again with businessman Michael Kaye. She is knitting enthusiast and even owns a clothing line called “Vanna’s Choice”.

Vanna White Before And After Plastic Surgery


When you are 50 plus and still so stunning, one thing is for sure that your are subject to allegations of plastic surgeries because the justification of just being natural looks invalid. Unlike other commoners of her age, she still owns to slay it smoothly. However, public always finds out the reason with all calculation. Off lately the rumours has it all that the lady relies on artificial processes to keep herself toned. A pool of her before and after images surfaced over the Web which were posted with an intention to draw attention towards her alleged augmentation.

In the year 2007, almost a decade ago her face developed fine lines of aging on her forehead and cheeks were already saggy. However these signs of aging have lmost wiped out now. The face appears tighter and the skin has some unnatural pulls. No natural process can have such drastic effects, remember you don’t come under the surgery radar unless the effects are either bizarre or way too positive.

Her face has changed in such a way which proves that she underwent a whole set of related surgeries to get the best of the looks. The basket of surgeries can include botox, face lift and a blepharoplasty.An implant of cheeks has been confirmed by several experts because of the exceptional quality of her cheeks given her age.