Venessa Marcil Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

By | Apr 2, 2017
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Hey, guys! welcome back to out website. So today we are going to talk out one of the most famous celebs from the American Television sitcoms. Remember hot Brenda Barrett from General Hospitals. Yes, guys! I am talking about none other than Venessa Marcil. The young woman is a very talented actress. Let learn a little more about her before we talk about her plastic surgery rumors and procedures.
Venessa Marcil Plastic Surgery Before
So, Venessa Marcil or as some people call her Sally Venessa Ortiz, is a successful and talented American TV actress. She was born in Indio, California, the US in the year 1968.When she was a kid her family and friends spotted her amazing dramatics talents. So as a kid, her parents used to make her participate in plays, skits etc. The performances on these small stages turned out to be a great help for her. Even in her early days as a professional actress, she did a lot of plays, dramas, and skits. Venessa worked really hard to achieve success. It wasn’t until 1992 that she got her first major break. Since then there was no stopping her.

Venessa Marcil Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

The evergreen Venessa has acted in numerous American Television Sitcoms and American Movies. She has also been nominated several times for her roles and has managed to grab onto 4 major awards. Venessa truly is something. She had the name, fame, and power. Things were working great for her, but somewhere along the road, she became insecure. The thought of losing it all and becoming a failure scared her off. This though made her take a hard decision of going under the knife. Venessa way always beautiful and gorgeous women, but now it was time to retain it and look even better. So what all did she do? Let’s take a look below and find out

Venessa Marcil Plastic Surgery Before and after

Venessa has had three of the most common plastic surgeries that almost every actress goes under. The rhinoplasty ( nose job), Facelift ( botox injections ) and breast augmentation ( boob job). Although Venessa claims none of this is true and that all of this is just rumors from her haters. Unfortunately, her picture does not support her answers.

Rhino Plasty or Nose job

As I have told you before, this is one of the most common plastic surgery and really doesn’t come as a shock to anyone.Vanessa has gone under the knife to improve the shape and structure of her nose. Comparing her before and after picture, you will find out that her new nose is firmer, a little pointy and stout.

Venessa Marcil Plastic Surgery after picTURES

Breast Implants

Venessa claims that she is hundred percent natural, but her body and her pictures say something else. After looking at her before and after picture you will be easily able to spot the immense increase in her breast size. Also, now her breast look more perky, round, firm and petite. Also, what’s most surprising is how her breast look so attractive even at the age of 50, well if it’s not plastic than what is it?

BOTOX Injections

Well, there are not precise proofs of her taking botox, but her young and every green skin at the age of 50 raises a lot of questions. It’s nearly impossible to have such a smooth, wrinkle free and flawless skin at such an old age.