Victoria Beckham Diet Plan And Exercise Routine

By | Mar 18, 2016
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Victoria Beckham

Victoria Caroline Beckham born on   17 April 1974 is widely known as Victoria beckham is an English businesswoman, fashion designer, model and singer. In the late 1990s, Beckham made people groove with the all-female pop group Spice Girls and was famously known as Posh But this spicy association was short- lived as this much celebrated group saw a split .Post the split she got new contracts and gave four UK Top 10 singles. Her debut single   “Out of Your Mind”, reached Number 2 in the UK Singles Chart.

Victoria Beckham Diet Plan And Exercise Routine

Her life is highly celebrated because of which she has participatedin five official documentaries and reality shows about her, including Victoria’s Secrets, Being Victoria Beckham, The Real Beckhams, Victoria Beckham – A Mile In Their Shoes and Victoria Beckham: Coming to America. She and her husband makes out to be the one of the wealthiest and good looking couple and they have four children.

Being a wealthy woman she can afford to splurge heavy amounts on expensive beauty products but she prefers to stay natural by using cheap and easy methods to stay healthy.Victoria summed up a healthy lifestyle in two simple words : water and sleep and said she tries drinking maximum water and take maximum rest but admits that she sometimes have to sacrifice on her sleep because of parental duties

Victoria Beckham Exercise Routine

The 40-year-old   is recently indulged in to launch out the exclusive range of nail paints but apart from it also puts stress on the fact that a good diet is just as important for the health of your skin and shape of the body.She openly speaks about her balanced dieting schedule that includes fish , vegetables, fruits and her exhaustive workout plan.

Her Diet

victoria beckham diet

She relies on a high protein diet – which helps hair, nails and skin to grow and repair constantly .The best of sources of protein that help in anti – ageing nutrition are: meats, organic poultry, fish, egg whites, lentils and beans, nuts and whole grains.Cutting back on salt intakes becomes very important as excessive amount of salt encourages fluid retention and can irritate the lining of pores and Idoized salt accelerates the growth of acne, so cutting back on it can really help clear up the skin.

victoria beckham weighloss plan

And last but not the least , she includesCucumber which is said to be an underrated super food as it contains   high water content and the silica in the peel boosts collagen production.

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