Victoria Beckham Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

By | Feb 7, 2016
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Apart from being the wife of the worlds greatest football player David Beckham, Victoria Beckham is also a very talented and passionate designer as well as singer. Victoria was born on April 17, 1974, in Hertfordshire, England.

Daughter of Anthony William Adams and Jacqueline Doreen, Victoria was named as Victoria Caroline Adams. She was their first child and elder sister of Louise and Christian Adams. Victoria always wanted to become a singer and a professional model for which her parents enrolled her at Jason Theatre School. Apart from singing, Victoria also persuades her designing career by launching a number of brands including her own denim label, dvb Style.


Victoria is proud of her collection and claims that she wears what she designs. Apart form clothing, Victoria also launched her own fragrance brand, which became quite famous among rich peopleVictoria met David at a soccer game in 1997. They dated each other for 2 years and finally got married on July 4 1999, at the 560-acre estate of the 1794, gothic Luttrell’s town Castle, Ireland outside Dublin, Ireland with their 4 month son as the ring holder. This famous couple has always been in the limelight and is known for their undying love.


Being in her 40’s, Victoria is the mother of 4 kids and still looks as if she is in her 20’s and maybe that’s why she is the world’s most photographed woman. Whenever we look at her picture, it looks like she hasn’t aged a bit after her wedding. Many rumours have answered this mystery partly. Some say it is because of her trainer, while some point towards plastic surgery.


Plastic surgery has become a trend. Almost every celebrity has gone under the surgeon’s knife for at least ones their life, so how can the famous football star’s wife can stay away from this spell.

When we compared Vitoria’s before and after pictures, we were shocked to see the changes that have accrued. From her nose to her breasts, everything looks altered tot perfection. It is said that the ultimate fashion icon has gone under a number of plastic surgeries for acquiring the perfect mannequin figure.


In her old picture Victoria has a lumpy nose and chubby cheeks where as now she has a slender nose and a perfect jaw, a clear result of nose job and skin tightening. Many of her fans say that Victoria has taken Botox injection for enhancing her youth and there statements sound true when we look at her before and after pictures.

Even in her 40’s Victoria has a glowing skin without any wrinkles and lines of ageing. In a recent function everyone was amazed to see her enhanced breasts. In old pictures we can see how flat Victoria looks but in her recent pictures we can clearly see a fine bust, which clearly indicate us towards breast enhancement aka boob job.


Victoria has never dispelled or spoke anything about the widespread plastic surgery rumour, which makes us believe that the real story will always remain hidden from the world.

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