Vivica Fox Plastic Surgery Before And After

By | Mar 6, 2016
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vivica fox plastic surgery before and after

Vivica Anjanetta Fox is all Hollywood is mesmerized with. Born on July 30, 1964 in South Bend, Indiana, she is the daughter of William Fox, a private school administrator and Everlyena, a pharmaceutical technician. Vivica’s genes have a beautiful combination of American, African and Native American characters. Vivica is now 51 but still this talented American actress looks in her 3o’s, so what’s the real reason behind her beauty.

Can heavy dieting and exercising prevent one from ageing or there is something else in the story, which Vivia is hiding from use. Plastic surgery has become a very common thing in Hollywood. Celebrities are highly influenced by the fruitful outcome one gets by going under the knife. Plastic surgeries have become an obsession and a need. Good looks have become mandatory in Hollywood and people have even started risking their life in pursuit of looking the best.

vivica fox plastic surgery

Vivica Fox Plastic Surgery:

Vivica’s efforts to keep her surgery a secret has failed, her new changed appearance is so loud and noticeable that people couldn’t stop them self from gossiping about it. From media to her fans everyone is interested in knowing the details of her fancy act. Vivica has challenged the norm of looking old with rising age, she is becoming sexier day by day and there is nothing that can stop her from becoming perfect not even aging.

vivica fox nose job

When we compared Vivica’s before and after pictures, we could see how her surgeon turned her into a masterpiece. A whole transformation can be seen just through her pictures. A beautiful sharp nose has changed her big African nose. The nose has given her face a brand new definition, making her look more young and appealing. Vivica is famous for her curvy body which is a result of African genes given to her by her ancestors yet she needed more than what she had.

vivica fox boob job

Vivica’s breasts look a lot more round and heavier than before. Such a sudden growth is possible only through plastic surgery. Vivica’s surgeon performed a breast augmentation surgery on her boobs due to which her new breasts are looking heavier and bigger than before. Apart from her breasts it is also belived that she has taken botoxs injections to enrich her skin. Botox has eliminated all signs of ageing from her face and has given her a younger looking skin. Vivica also had skin lift surgery to get rid of loose lumpy skin.

Vivica’s surgery is an example of wisely performed art. Her surgeon has ransformed her completely and has given her youth for life. Vivica will now age but her skin won’t, isn’t that amazing? Since her surgery a lot of confidence and elegance has been seen in her performance. Vivica as well as her fans are happy to see such a beautiful change.

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